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  1. Medicaid Expansion…. Victory then Defeat

    Friends,    I have made the contention that the State of Michigan under the "leadership " of CowardNerd Rick "Jennifer" Snyder ( Coward because he ran away from debating me on my radio show last month) has devolved into a fascist state..... a la Mussolini's Italy...... last night's goat rodeo in...

  2. General Patton’s Murder

    Friends,     This is indicative of what Our government is capable of.... the murder of one of it's most important patriots..... General George S. Patton. This is a must listen to interview with investigative journalist Bob Wilcox......   Dave 

  3. Do No Harm !

    Friends,   Attached is an Op-Ed which I authored.  It is brief but to the point. Let's see what The GoverNerd and the Obama Care supporters say and do.  Will The GoverNerd man up and step into The Operating Room of Freedom or will he continue to  disseminate falsehoods about...

  4. America’s ” Independence “

    Friends,   On Sunday's Operation Freedom Show I dissected the current state of "Independence" in America.  You will hear NONE of this in The Main ( Lame ) Stream Media which is owned and operated by the Criminal International Banking Syndicate. Take a listen....'s-independence Dave

  5. Independence Day Message

    StarSpangledBanner...asyou_veneverheardit Friends,         Our country has it's warts but it is the only place on Earth that has given each of us limitless opportunities and Freedoms to "Dream Big and Dare To Fail" in spite of both parties efforts to stifle Freedom and Liberty.  As you are aware, I believe the health...