Medicaid Expansion…. Victory then Defeat

   I have made the contention that the State of Michigan under the “leadership ” of CowardNerd Rick “Jennifer” Snyder ( Coward because he ran away from debating me on my radio show last month) has devolved into a fascist state….. a la Mussolini’s Italy…… last night’s goat rodeo in The Senate Chamber in Michigan has proven me correct.
 A critical component of Obama Care is Medicaid Expansion….. it will force millions of Americans into a system that is costly, inefficient, rationed based and has been shown in at least 4….. that’s right….. 4 peer reviewed medical studies that people on Medicaid have significantly worse health outcomes and have a far greater chance of dying than people that have NO health insurance.
Translation….. having “health insurance” does NOT mean you can get health care
Prior to yesterday, The Michigan Senate voted TWICE to not approve Medicaid Expansion in Michigan in spite of The CowardNerd Snyder “misrepresenting” ( read lying) about the facts related to cost, care and outcomes and his endless river of monetary support to any politician who would  back Medicaid Expansion.
Last night he pushed for yet another re-re-re-vote…… Freedom Fighters stood tall lead by Senator Pat Colbeck  and stuffed The CowardNerd and his band of fascist thugs. The CowardNerd then morphed into Mussolini and had individual and groups of ” conservative” Senators brought to him for the breaking of arms and doling out of cash….. and like a good Fascist he was able to get one “broken” Senator to change his “mind”. So a re-re-re-re vote was called late in the night and Medical Fascism won lead by The Mussolini of Michigan….. CowardNerd Rick ” Jennifer” Snyder and his eight traitorous fascist thugs who call themselves Conservatives.
The scene in The Senate last night was eerily reminiscent of a third world country lead by Hugo Chavez. We have many issues to hang our heads in disgust over in Michigan….. and this episode adds to the very long list. I suggest you read the brief article below and then I suggest you make a donation to the lead Freedom fighter in politics…… Pat Colbeck….. Campaign Support Appeal