Independence Day Message

        Our country has it’s warts but it is the only place on Earth that has given each of us limitless opportunities and Freedoms to “Dream Big and Dare To Fail” in spite of both parties efforts to stifle Freedom and Liberty.  As you are aware, I believe the health care legislation which made it’s way through Congress in 2009 & 2010 ( Obama Care) is a direct assault on every Americans’ health care Freedom.
       I also believe BOTH parties have done everything in their power to strip EVERY American of their Freedoms and Liberty by their support of the National Defense Authorization Act ( NDAA — which allows the government to indefinitely detain, interrogate and imprison any American without a trial or legal representation) , the incessant surveillance of ALL of our e-mails, phone calls and Internet use by The NSA, the harassment by The IRS, the implementation of U.N. action Agenda 21 to strip EVERY American of our property rights, the unending and costly wars both parties support, the economic program overseen by The Federal Reserve and Treasury Department to strip EVERY American of our economic and financial Freedom by the use of debt and their activist role in stripping Americans of their Second Amendment Rights.
     In the end, I believe FREEDOM & LIBERTY will win the war and the fascists from both parties will be defeated…. but it will take YOU to join the battle to defeat the oppressors of Freedom.
       The attachment is an audio presentation of what many of us have forgotten or never learned.  My Mom, who was a history teacher, taught me….”when it comes to history….dig deep….then you will unearth the meaning of what has happened and why it happened.” I hope you enjoy it. It will change how you sing and listen to Our National Anthem. It might even change how you view what has been occurring in Washington of late.
      It is time to stand up for Freedom….. as George Washington said, ” I will die on my feet before I will live on my knees.”