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    CONTRIBUTION BY HARLEY SCHLANGER July 13 -- As the world awaits the upcoming summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the battle over Russiagate in the U.S. is heating up to a boiling point.  Developments in the last days, which include a new level of partisan...

  2. Insider Insight – Michael Cutler – July 2018

      Michael Cutler, a 30 year veteran of the INS discusses legal as well as illegal immigration.

  3. Real Gains No Gimmicks: Now Is The Time For Gold & Silver To Shine

    Time to see if gold & silver can shine. It's hard to get a better set-up than we have right now. The events calendar is light this week, and it actually favors gold & silver. Why? Inflation data. Or better said, stagflation data. We get the Producer Price Index on...

  4. Insider Insight – Greg Hunter – July 2018

      Greg Hunter from USAWatchdog & formerly ABC News & CNN Dissects The Fake Media

  5. Insider Insight – Sen. Patrick Colbeck – June 2018

      This edition of insider insight features Michigan's own Sen. Patrick Colbeck and his Principled Solutions for Michigan

  6. Insider Insight – Nomi Prins – June 2018

    In this edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave chats with Nomi Prins about capital markets and your financial freedoms.

  7. Insider Insight – Dr. Kris Held – June 2018

      In this edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave interviews Dr. Kristen Held.

  8. Inider Insight – Bill Holter – June 2018

      In this edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave and Bill Holter talk about global financial and capital markets.

  9. Insider Insight – Mellisa Zaccaria – May 2018

      This edition of Insider Insight features Mellisa "The Honey Bee" Zaccaria dissecting human trafficking and global pedophile networks.

  10. D.A.R. – Basic Internet Privacy & Browser Security Options – May 2018

      This edition of the Department of Advanced Research features a broad overview of various browser settings and options which can enhance your every day internet privacy.

  11. Inider Insight – Alex Alexiev – May 2018

      In this edition of Insider Insight Dr. Dave and Alex Alexiev dissect a wide variety of geopolitical issues.

  12. Make It Or Break It Week: Either Gold & Silver Or The Cartel Will Set The Tone Going Into Summer

    Gold & silver really need to rally this week. It really boils down to one word: Momentum. My call has been for the rally to begin this week. However, if the rally doesn't begin this week, I feel we can kiss any hopes of a rally goodbye until the second...