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  1. Insider Insight – Dr. Robin McCutcheon – May 2018

      In this edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave chats with Dr. Robin McCutcheon about academic freedom and economics.

  2. Gold & Silver Looking To Rally As The World Moves From “Inflation Expectations” To Plain Old “Inflation”

    Special thanks to for this content: Visit them at    I'd like to direct your attention to Wednesday and Thursday of this week's economic events calendar: On Wednesday we get PPI data and on Thursday we get CPI data. PPI is the Producers Price Index. That is the...

  3. Insider Insight – Gen. Tom McInerney – May 2018

      In this edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave chats with General Tom McInerney about the deep state coup against President Trump.

  4. Insider Insight – Simon Roche – May 2018


  5. Gold & Silver Are Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire With This Week’s Double-Smash Potential

    Special Thanks to for this contribution! There's difficulty on the fundamental front. On Wednesday, we get double-smash potential: We have the May FOMC Announcement (no press conference this month), and we have the private sector jobs report (ADP). If the Fed is hawkish and actually hikes, that is definitely...

  6. Insider Insight – Larry Klayman – April 2018

      This week, Dr. Dave chats with Larry Klayman for our Insider Insight segment

  7. Insider Insight – John Paul Rice – April 2018

      This edition of Insider Insight features John Paul Rice speaking about human trafficking and much more. For more information on John Paul Rice and his work, please visit:

  8. Insider Insight – Nick Ruiz – April 2018

      This edition of Insider Insight features Nick Ruiz talking about the current technological-political paradigm.   For additional information about Evolution Consulting please visit

  9. Insider Insight – Robert Mazur – April 2018

      This fantastic Insider Insight edition features the man behind the movie "The Infiltrator", former deep undercover agent, Robert Mazur

  10. Insider Insight – Trevor Loudon – March 2018

      In this edition of Insider Insight, we sit down with the very well respected Trevor Loudon to discuss a variety of political / geopolitical topics Check out to learn more about Trevor's work

  11. Insider Insight – G. Edward Griffen – March 2018

      For this edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave sits down with G. Edward Griffen.

  12. D.A.R. – Basic Cyber Security | Phishing & Spoofing – March 2018

      This edition of the Department of Advanced Research discusses some basic awareness tips regarding online scams known as "phishing" and "spoofing".