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  1. Insider Insight – Ron Greiner

    Health Insurance Analyst Ron Greiner Presents The Means To Cut Your Premiums By 70%

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  3. Insider Insight – Tracy Beanz – September 2018

      Investigative Journalist Tracy Beanz Dissects Trump Spygate, Hillary's Server & Pedophile Networks

  4. Insider Insight – Kevin Shipp – August 2018

    Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp dissects The Shadow Government / Deep State's Attack On Your Freedom

  5. Insider Insight – Jim Willie – August 2018

    Jim Willie chats with Dr. Dave about the globalists' fascist business model and your financial freedom.

  6. Insider Insight – Dr. Jane Hughes – August 2018

    In this edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave chats with Dr. Jane Hughes about your healthcare freedoms and Obamacare.

  7. Insider Insight – Harley Schlanger – August 2018

    In this edition of Insider Insight, Dr Dave. chats with Harley Schlanger about the Trump Putin summit.

  8. D.A.R. – Evolution Systems Introduction – August 2018

      This edition of the Department of Advanced Research features a conceptual guide to Evolution predictive analytics systems and how they differ from conventional metrics measurement techniques.


    by: Harley Schlanger Aug. 3 -- From the beginning of Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign, there was no doubt he would face fierce opposition from the Democratic Party, whose nominee Hillary Clinton raised questions about her opponent's mental stability. For example, at a campaign rally on June 2, 2016, in...

  10. Insider Insight – Robert David Steele – August 2018

      In this edition of Insider Insight Dr. Dave and Robert David Steele talk deep state politics and globalists.

  11. Insider Insight – Craig Hemke – July 2018

      In this edition of Insider Insight Dr. Dave sits down with Craig Hemke of TFMetals to discuss global capital market and precious metals trends.

  12. Insider Insight – Control – July 2018

      Domesetic Counter-Terrorism operative "Control" dissects domestic terrorism and your safety