The Hammer was disclosed to the public in early March 2017 by investigative journalists Mary Fanning & Alan Jones. On March 19, 2017, General Tom McInerney, with the support of Admiral Ace Lyons, brought  information on The Hammer, for the first time on radio or TV, to The Operation Freedom Show.

 Since then the Deep State and their puppets have taken extraordinary steps to block the information from reaching the public. Sidney Powell discussed The Hammer on May 28,2020 on Fox Business News and then dropped The Hammer again on the deep state tonight.

Those who have supported the existence of The Hammer include:  Dennis Montgomery ( The Hammer Whistleblower), General Tom McInerney, Admiral Ace Lyons, World Renowned Surveillance Platform EXPERTS & Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe, IT expert Paul Rosenberg, Investigative Journalists Mary Fanning & Alan Jones and their military intelligence sources.

 In addition, Former Director of National Intelligence John Negriponte invoked The State’s Secret Privilege secondary to National Security Protection Issues on Montgomery due to his work on The Hammer. The Dept of Justice provided two levels of Immunity to Montgomery secondary to his work on The Hammer. Former General Counsel to the FBI James Baker testified under Oath before Congress in October 2018 documenting the existence of The Hammer and it being used for illegal surveillance. WikiLeaks published the CIA Hacking Tools in their Vault 7 release which included The Hammer. This was confirmed by IT specialists.