by: Harley Schlanger


Dec. 30 — The frenzied process by House Democrats to pass two articles of impeachment against President Trump was justified by them with the argument that speed was essential, because every day he remains in office is a danger to a.) U.S. national security and b.) fair and legitimate elections.  The Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, argued that Trump’s threats to withhold aid to Ukraine unless the government there investigated Joe and Hunter Biden, weakened that country in the face of Russian aggression; and amounted to a demand that they intervene on his behalf in the upcoming presidential election, as he was accused of doing in colluding with President Putin to insure his election in 2016, through the fairy tale of Russian “meddling.”


Put aside for a moment that there was no actual evidence presented which demonstrated that Trump threatened or bullied Ukraine’s President Zelensky for his own personal benefit; or that the net effect of Trump’s strategic intervention with Ukraine has been that there has been progress in reducing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, through talks between Putin and Zelensky, with Trump’s backing; or that the charge that Russia did intervene on Trump’s behalf in 2016 was never proven by the Mueller report.


If Pelosi and her hit team were so convinced that the future of America was urgently imperiled if Trump were not immediately removed from office, why did she then decide to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate, thereby postponing a trial there?  Further, Pelosi’s operatives are calling for continued hearings into alleged Trump misdeeds, with some saying that there could be two, three, or more impeachments, as new articles are invented.  Some constitutional scholars, such as Alan Dershowitz, have pointed out that not moving ahead with a trial, out of fear that he will be acquitted in the Senate, violates the Constitution!  More significant was the comment from Helga Zepp LaRouche, that the intent behind Pelosi’s actions is to tie Trump’s hands over the last year of his present term, and use the destabilization of his presidency to defeat him in 2020. 


This latter point is obvious from examining the strategic initiatives of Trump, which include decisive efforts to break from the Bush-Obama-Hillary Clinton policies of regime change and war, which had put the U.S. on a collision course with Russia and China.  Trump continues to work with Putin to resolve a number of issues, including Ukraine and Syria, as well as moving towards a new strategic arms agreement, whiuch he discussed recently with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, and with Putin on a phone call on December 29.  On China, Trump and Xi have agreed on a Phase I approach toward a new trade deal, which would benefit both sides, while he has rejected Congressional efforts to support violent terrorists who are attempting to carry out a regime change in Hong Kong, which is being run by the same networks who made the coup in Ukraine in February 2014.  


The decision to proceed to impeachment without any evidence of a crime, and to announce that impeachment efforts will not be stopped by the failure to convict in the Senate, means that those in the Military Industrial Complex, acting through their stooges in both parties, will stop at nothing to continue their dangerous geopolitical machinations, even if it leads to a nuclear World War III.  The supporters of “permanent war” are now backing “permanent impeachment.”  What is urgently needed is not more fabricated charges against Trump, but a full release of the evidence being compiled by the Barr-Durham investigation, which will expose the criminal behavior of the collaboration between British intelligence and the Obama team, headed by Brennan and Clapper, which launched the regime change coup against Trump.  


The Horowitz report was a good first step, documenting the fraud of the FBI/DOJ in getting repeated warrants from the secret FISA Court to conduct surveillance against the Trump campaign.  It is now necessary that this criminal gang, which is destabilizing the U.S. and trampling on the Constitution, in its desperate effort to stop Trump’s peace offensive, be put on trial immediately.