It Just Went HOT !


Obama, The Noble Peace Prize Winner, just bombed Syria.  His only allies were Qutar, UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia ….. ALL who benefit from the purposed pipeline through Syria which is what this is really ALL about.  Earlier today, France and Germany said they would not be a part of any bombing .   Now watch Putin….. he said if this occurred without approval from The UN or the existing government in Syria…. look out. I predict Putin’s next move will be financial warfare. WW3 just went HOT ! 

 Now we know why gold, silver and oil have been slammed the past 3 weeks….. in Prep for this event. They manipulated the commodity bar low so when this hit and prices jumped they would start from a lower take off point. By the way….. China just happened to position military assets in Iran for the first time as of yesterday. Oh yeah…. and just tonight it came out that Russia sold oil in Rubles rather than dollars…… pure coincidence !   
By the way the same ISIS Obama is bombing tonight is the same ISIS that Obama funded, trained at Jordainan bases and weaponized last year.  Another pure coincidence. It is also the same ISIS who has been funded and supported by Qutar, UAE, Saudi Arabia…. yup…. it is ALL about the pipeline!
Hold on !  
PS…. Take a listen to my interview with General Paul Vallely on Operation Freedom yesterday……  

Consider Yourself Warned

So today….. ISIS chops off another head, Henry Kissinger writes an article in The Wall Street Journal about The New World Order,  Libya is in flames,The U.S. Embassy in Libya is now being “guarded” by radical Islamists,  Pakistan is in flames ( note their cache of nuclear weapons) ,Egypt is trying to overcome Obama’s disastrous intervention in their country, illegals are continuing to stream across the U.S. southern border, Obama is trying to start a war in The Ukraine, Obama continues to try to start a war in Syria ( 1 year project) , EBOLA continues to spread, Obama Care continues to devolve health care delivery in the U.S., Russia cuts more deals with China, multiple countries are moving away from using the dollar for trade,  Germany appears to now be in The Russia-China camp, drug cartels continue to launder money through the U.S. banking system, 92 million Americans are OUT of the work force, the National debt is over $17 TRILLION , Flight 370 is still “missing” and 11 more commercial airliners are now missing from Libya. 

 My take….. this all adds up to….. the New World Order overwhelming the system and setting up EVERY American for a catastrophic economic and false flag event. Oh yeah…. the scum George Soros is SHORT the U.S. market and loaded his boat with precious metals….. consider this a huge ….. “Heads Up”.
Remember the following……

One of the rules by which the elite aristocrats abide is they consider it rude to not issue a warning before they do something bad to us. They’re like criminals with manners. In other words, it’s gauche to flush the toilet while the serfs are in the shower without giving us a “heads up.” – John Titus, engineer, attorney, intellectual


Obama….. A Success Story


  That’s right…… this past week on Operation Freedom I identified Barack Obama ( aka….. The Vacationer & Chief)  the most successful President in modern day history.  Yup…. it’s true.  In fact, the response I have received from multiple people from a number of Federal Agencies over the past 2 days has been ALL positive . In fact, many of those within the government who were appointed by Obama have thanked me for my honesty and willingness to put the facts on the table.
You need to take a listen to the segment and then feel free to network to all of your contacts.  I promise you, this is only a warm up to what will be presented on next Sunday’s Operation Freedom Show.

” We leave No one behind”….. NOT !


  The WTF Statement of the Week Award goes to none other than Obama this week. The garbage he uttered about why he traded 5 terrorists for a deserter was…. ” We leave No one behind”.  Yeah right…. can you say… “Benghazi, Seal Team 6 and EVERY Vet NOT treated at a VA Hospital.”  On this week’s Operation Freedom I take on Obama’s hypocrisy.

Obama Care : 1 Person on Day 1…. so much for the tens of thousands Obama LIED about

So Obama, Sebillius and Biden announced on the first day of enrollment of Obama Care that millions hit the website and tens of thousands signed up….. well it appears yet another lie…… SHOCKING ! 
 I was demonized on the first day of enrollment with my assessment that less than 1 thousand signed up.  I was screamed at… “Time will show you are biased against Obama Care, Obama and you will be proven to be off by at least a million people who signed up on day one.”  I WAS WAY OFF…… THE NUMBER IS IN…. NOT VOLUNTARILY…. IT WAS FORCED FROM THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION BY A FOIA…… GET READY…… THE NUMBER WHO SIGNED UP ON DAY 1 WAS ONE …..THAT’S RIGHT ONE PERSON SIGNED UP !!!!!!  WOW…. WAS I WRONG AND WAY TOO OPTIMISTIC.
Another prediction…. the 7 million figure proclaimed by Obama on April 1, 2014 will be found to be a lie as well….. unfortunately it will take another FOIA and months to pry that information from Obama…..” the MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION IN HISTORY” …. YET ANOTHER LIE.
As I predicted 5 years ago with the implementation of Obama Care with the passage of the Stimulus Bill ( half of Obama Care was hidden in The Stimulus Bill )….. it will destroy health care delivery in America and will lead to less available, less affordable and less quality oriented care. 

Obamacare site served just 1 person on Day 1
Calamity far worse than previously reported
Garth Kant is WND Washington news editor. Previously, he spent five years writing, copy-editing and producing at “CNN Headline News,” three years writing, copy-editing and training writers at MSNBC, and also served several local TV newsrooms as producer, executive producer and assistant news director. He is the author of the McGraw-Hill textbook, “How to Write Television News.”
WASHINGTON — It was widely reported that the Obamacare rollout was a disaster, but it turns out, the calamity was far worse than thought.
The Obama administration has now been forced to reveal that the Obamacare multimillion dollar website received only one enrollment on its first day of operation.
That means, the federal health insurance website was able to process the application of just one single person on October 31, 2013.
Also, the website failed to register a whopping 48 percent of those who applied, on its second day.
That information was disclosed in a 106-page document Judicial Watch obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS, by filing Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, lawsuit against HHS on November 25, 2013.
“Once again, Judicial Watch is able to get information through FOIA that no one else had gotten – the specifics about the unmitigated failure of the Obamacare collapse,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.
“The Obama administration tried to cover this up, Congress failed to follow through, but we managed to get the truth about the $667 billion Obamacare website,” added Fitton.
“Imagine what would have happened to Obamacare if the American people knew only one person was able to enroll on its first day? What other Obamacare failures is President Obama hiding?”
The administration even admitted that just 248 people enrolled for health care on the website in the first few days of operation.
Information uncovered by Judicial Watch indicates problems with the website were even worse:
  • On October 1, there were 43,208 accounts created and 1 enrollment.
  • As of October 31, 2013, there were 1,319,425 accounts created nationwide – but only 30,512 actual enrollments in Obamacare.
  • On October 1, 2013, at the end of the first day (4:30), the Senior Advisor at Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Brigid M. Russell, sent out an email to her staff with a subject line celebrating “2 enrollments!” The body copy of the email read: “We have our second official FFM enrollment! The first two Form 834s sent out are to: 1) CareSource in Ohio, 2) BCBS of North Carolina.
  • Official figures contained in the HHS report provide conflicting figures as to the number of enrollments. FFM [Federally Facilitated Marketplace] statistics show 23,259 cumulative to-date applications submitted as of 10/2/13 and 286 completed plan selections. Earlier numbers show 356 enrollments created as of 7pm on 10/2/13 that were completed with Form 834s sent.
  • An October 2, 2013, email from HHS Special Assistant Marianne Bowen indicated serious problems with congressional enrollments: “The Congressional issue (68 attempts for Direct enrollment) was an issue stemming from incomplete applications being sent through (started, not finished, sent anyway) and the way the issuers are assigning unique numbers. Turns out there were only 4 complete Direct Enrollment applications that went through, the other 64 were not complete.” [The U.S. Congress has approximately 24,000 professional staffers.]
  • On October 2, 2013, the Obamacare website had 70,000 page views but only 5,000 were unique visitors, and 48% of registrations failed. The large number of page views may have been the result of visitors repeatedly hitting the “refresh” button due to long waiting times.
On April 17, 2014, President Obama announced that eight million people had signed up for health insurance on Affordable Healthcare Act exchanges.
Judical Watch said that figure may be substantially over-inflated.
The group cites testimony in May by the America’s Health Insurance Plans Association before the House Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Oversight, stating, “Because of the challenges that surfaced with the launch of the Exchanges in October 2013, some consumers were advised to create a new account and enroll again. As a result, insurers have many duplicate enrollments in their system for which they never received any payment.”

Obama Care vs The Oath…… Time to Stand Tall


I was honored to be asked to submit an Op / Ed to a great website….. . Dr. Meg Edison and Dr. Kris Held have developed a website that provides information you will never see in The Main ( Lame ) Stream Media.  It is a site that you need to visit daily and network to every one of your contacts.
Here is the link to the Editorial…..  Obama Care vs The Oath ……

WE the People vs Evil


  I had the opportunity to be interviewed  by Sean and Rory of SGT Report.  We cover a tremendous amount of ground on what is happening world wide.  The majority of the discussion focusses on what you are NOT being told by “the main stream media”.  I hope you enjoy the interview.  

They are ALL the same ….R = D = owned by The Syndicate

As I have outlined, the Republican Party and 99% of those in the Party are owned and operated by the same criminal international banking syndicate as the entirity of the Democratic Party.  This “leader” of The Republican Party in The House, McMorris, just confirmed…. whether it is the fascist take over of every Americans health care Freedom via Obama Care or the stripping of the immigration laws …. they are all on the same page.  The page owned and operated by the New World Order Syndicate…. can you say whores….. ALL of them.

McMorris Rodgers says ACA likely to stay

 The Spokesman-Review

McMorris Rodgers
With the news this week that more than 600,000 Washington residents have acquired new health care plans through the state exchange, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said it’s unlikely the Affordable Care Act will be repealed”
“We need to look at reforming the exchanges,” the Eastern Washington Republican said Thursday.
The five-term congresswoman and chair of the House Republican Conference kicked off her re-election campaign this week with visits to Walla Walla, Colville and Spokane. She faces Democratic challenger Joe Pakootas.
Cited as a priority issue by many members of Congress and Obama, 2013 came and went without an immigration package, to the chagrin of many advocacy groups.
McMorris Rodgers said she still thinks a deal could be struck before the election. “I believe there is a path that we get a bill on the floor by August,” she said. “We’re going to have to push that this is a legal status, not amnesty,” she said.


Defeat of Totalitarian Gov. Rick Snyder by Small Farmers


What Mark Baker and his family have endured by the iron fisted hands of a TOTALITARIAN GoverNerd ( Rick “Jennifer” Snyder ) and his goons at The Dept. of Natural Resources are  prime examples of how the Power Elite despise Our country, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, private property and EVERY citizen.
For several years Mark Baker and every small farmer in the state have been targeted  by BIG Agri-business and The New World Order crowd via their bought and paid for politician du jour,,,,, Rick “Jennifer” Snyder. They use their whores in the political world to advance their agenda, strip law abiding citizens of their property and destroy Freedom and Liberty in their wake for every citizen.
Well that came to a screeching halt recently when Mark Baker and his family had the AUDACITY to take on The GoverNerd, The Department of Natural Resources, The Attorney General and the multi- billion Agri- business machine and lobby.  This is a case lesson in Freedom and Liberty and should serve as inspiration for EVERY American.
EVERY American needs to stand tall as Mark and his family have done over the past several years.  Every single one of us needs to stand for The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Freedom and Liberty….. the sooner we do …. the sooner scum like The GoverNerd and his goons at The DNR will be thrown out of office and will be thrown on the ash heap of history.
Take a listen to my interview with Mark Baker from this week’s Operation Freedom.

Another Dead Banker ” Suicided “


 We have been calling attention to the “suiciding” of bankers on a world wide basis on Operation Freedom. It appears to this guy that the bankers who are committing ” suicide” are in fact being murdered by the scum still running the racket to tie up loose ends and silence those that have ben talking to Interpol and other law enforcement agencies world wide.
They have taken it to a new level with this one….. now they are hitting the wife and kid.  This is not a “mafia ” style  hit program….. it reeks of a desperate  convulsion of The New World Order scum who are losing control.  

The Price of Telling The Truth…. An Abusive IRS Audit


   In July of 2009, I was invited to be the keynote speaker at a Congressional Dinner at The Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. .  The topic of the presentation focused on The Power of Prevention and it’s critical role in health care reform.  In the question and answer period, The Congressmen asked for a review of the two phase legislation known as Obama Care. It was defined as two phase due to the fact that half of Obama Care was hidden in the Stimulus Bill ( Phase 1…. passed in February 2009 ) …. the other half was the Health Care Bill ( Phase 2…. passed in March 2010 ). 
At the conclusion of my presentation to members of Congress and their staffs I was asked the question….. ” When I am asked by the press what is the one word to describe Obama Care what do I say?”  My answer was NOT pretty…. but it was truthful.  Based on the facts that any provider who does not follow the government protocol for treatment can be fined tens of thousands of dollars on the first offense and on a second offense could pull jail time…. plus…. the fact that the public would be fined and penalized for not signing up….. plus…. the fact that Obama Care would be implemented and overseen by The IRS….. my answer was based on an approach my Mom, the History teacher, taught me about decades earlier. ” Authoritarian Nationalism that penalizes and punishes anyone and everyone who opposes the state  = Fascism ” My answer to the Congressman….. “The one word is Fascism “.    
Let’s now fast forward to June of 2013….. following my Congressional presentation and then having been interviewed and given dozens of presentations on the hazards of Obama Care and what is needed for true health care reform, as well as hosting The Operation Freedom Radio Show  since 2010, the letter we received from The IRS  on June 13th, 2013, unfortunately, confirmed my diagnosis 4 years earlier that the current administration worships at the alter of Fascism.  
The past 9 months dealing with The IRS has been “enlightening” to be diplomatic and to be blunt…. they are the modern day Gestapo of a criminal syndicate and the syndicate’s current puppet….. Obama. After over 9 months and thousands of dollars in accountant and legal fees it is over from the IRS’s standpoint.  And the public wonders why physicians are retiring and closing their practices so they do not have to deal with The IRS who will administer Obama Care ???
It became obvious from the outset of “the inquisition”, when the auditor was asked why we were being audited and her answer was… ” It starts with the radio show.”, we knew this was going to get ugly very quickly.  I am sure it was pure coincidence that the radio show started in 2010 and that was the first year the audit would focus on. She then asked for our returns from not only 2010, but also 2011 and 2012….. our accountant asked….. “why do you need their returns they have sent them to you every year on time?” Her answer: ” We have a problem with our file system,  just resend them.” Which then lead to our accountant to ask….” how can you ask for an audit without having seen the returns ? ” Her answer: ” just resend the returns.” 
 From the outset, It became obvious that the audit was politically motivated and would be based on harassment and abuse. It also became obvious their goal was to shut down” my public voice “, to deny my Freedom of Speech and  to imprison both Lib and me on unreported income issues. The good news is they found zero….. zero unreported income….. for all three years.  When they realized the ” Go to jail…. go directly to jail card ” could not be played they then launched on the harassment approach.
There is a laundry list of what they tried to pull over the past 9 months to harass us but this will give you an indication of how desperate they became. They demanded all receipts from my speaking related travels in which I was not reimbursed.  Receipts that we had previously given them…. nothing better than bureaucrats wasting your time in duplicating what you had already provided. We provided the receipts in great detail to their chagrin.
 They then wanted programs from the events over the past 3 years to prove that I actually spoke at the events. Luckily for us…. bad for the fascists… I had saved them.  ( I did withhold one set of programs due to the nature of the entire conference. I spoke on health care but a number of other speakers listed were and are active in the intelligence and military communities and I did not want to compromise their safety by turning documents over to an agency that has a track record of compromising the safety and security of Americans who The IRS disagrees with.  We did  however provide a letter from the conference director of my topic of presentation) Then The IRS stated just because I was on the program did not mean I actually spoke at any of the events.… they then wanted letters from the Conference  organizers to prove that I had spoken at all of the events. We then  provided notes I had saved with the redacted names and redacted e-mail addresses from the organizers who had thanked me for my presentations and confirmed the dates and locations.…. that really upset the fascists. But they were not done…. they then  asked for  lists of people who attended  my presentations on health care reform …… We refused .  They failed again…. they were provided zero names. 
 They then launched on several other fronts such as to deny all business expenses and most charitable contributions….. they have failed miserably on that front as well. We will contest the few they summarily dismissed despite clear documentation of the deductions. We are now discussing with our legal counsel and accountants about the most effective means to flip the tables on the Gestapo….. and they will be flipped. The team we have assembled is second to none in the art of “what goes around…. comes around.”  The IRS is of the belief that the filthy taxpayer, as they see ALL of us, has no recourse against the Goliath of The IRS.  I was not named David for nothing.  
What also became clear during the past 9 months was the disdain the IRS and the Obama Administration has for any and all charitable organizations. They see charities as infringing upon their “turf.” It did not take a rocket scientist to realize they intend to harass taxpayers who donate to charitable organizations and the charitable organizations themselves.  To them, it is NOT about helping others ….. it is about them being able to control others through government  purse strings. It became clear…. they see charitable organizations are their competition.
 When all is said and done with this “experience” I am thankful. I am thankful for a great and supportive family, friends, great accountants and legal counsel that were there to get us to the winners circle.  In particular I am thankful to our accountants Don Madhaven and Steve Janulius…. our legal counsel Steve Grob…… Fred Calderone for his steadfast support and counsel…. our close friends Patti, Duane, Amanda and Tim Schroeder ( Amanda gave me some of the wisest insight… ” The reason they are doing this to you is because you are  right…. they are wrong and they can’t fight you on what you have exposed with Obama Care…. they fear you and the truth.” )…. my immediate bosses at work Cathy, Karen & Donna…. Thayrone and Linda Hughes at WAAM Talk 1600…..  all of the folks that work for the charities that we support who had to document and re-document our gifts to their organizations…... and of course Libby, Allison and Katie who were on the frontline of the War. 
In the end it came down to Faith…. my Faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit…… they were with me every morning when I woke up, all day long and every night when I went to bed…. ” The Lord is my light and my salvation…. whom shall I fear.” 
It is my hope that the fascists who comprise the IRS and their boss…. Obama…. decide to focus on their failed policies and what needs to be done to resurrect Our country from their 5 years of destruction.  As opposed to their current focus, which is to harass and abuse  Patriots that are doing everything in Our power to help EVERY American maintain,enhance and restore Our Freedoms, Liberty and Our country.  I look forward to April 15th.…. nothing better than paying for the bullets that are then fired at every American and Our Freedoms by The IRS and the fascists of the current administration.
Dave Janda  




The Trail of Dead Bankers


   There are now 6 bankers that have committed ” suicide”  over the past several weeks.  As this article points out….  Dead bankers don’t talk.”       
On this week’s Operation Freedom we discussed this series of events with a 45 year veteran of one of the United States Intelligence Agencies…. Dr. Jim Garrow…… you will see none of this information in the ” main stream media”.