An Economic Pile Up


This 150 car / truck  pile up occurred down the road from Ann Arbor this week. This is how a 100 plus pile up occurs. It is analogous to  what is happening to the world and U.S. economy. The main stream press are willfully blocking visibility to the wreck that is and has been occurring in the economy…. the media, the political and banking elite are setting you up for the financial equivalent of what happened on I-94.  Will you exit the system prior to impact? If you do not….. buckle up and prepare for impact.


Vote Early & Vote Often !


Today the Janda Family also voted upon the same initiatives voted upon by the Swiss people regarding the safety and security of their financial future.

As opposed to the results in Switzerland, the Janda Family voted to link their financial future by back stopping all transactions with precious metals. The turnout of the vote was overwhelming.

The vote tally:

Yes : 115%

No:  0%

When asked by representatives of CNBS how the “Yes” vote could have tallied 115% in the “Yes ” column. The Commissioner of Elections for The Janda Family stated: ” We used 2 methods to tally the vote : 1) We implemented the standard formula developed in the family’s home town, Chicago….. ” Vote early & Vote often” and  2)  We  implemented the Stalin voting mantra which was utilized earlier in the day in Switzerland… ” It is not who votes that matters….. it is who counts the votes that  matters.”

Update :

Further votes have been received…..

Final Total :

Yes : 120%

No : 0%

When asked by CNBS how the vote totals could have changed . The Commissioner stated: ” We just received the voting block from Woodlawn Cemetery.”

The Rothschild Family issued a statement on the voting today” ” We were pleased that our fear mongering and control of the voting apparatus in Switzerland worked to perfection….. as far as The Janda Family …… what would you expect, they are enemies of The State, they refuse to allow us to use debt to enslave them.”

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax


  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. My mom was a history teacher, one day after I arrived home from elementary school she asked me about the history of Thanksgiving.  She wanted to know about the history that I had been taught in school earlier that November day. After I recited the ” theatre reproduction ” I had been taught….. she sat me down to tell me the “real history.”
 The pod cast below will be broadcast on next Sunday’s Operation Freedom Show separates fact from the fiction we were taught.  It is a very different history from the sanitized version I had been taught in school.  I hope you find it instructive.
Warm Regards,


Gruber Gate : Vindication of EVERYTHING I outlined 5 years ago

This past Sunday on Operation Freedom I dissected the never ending lies by The Liar & Chief Obama and his ENTIRE Administration regarding Obama Care.  Obama tried to run from the “revelations ” of Gruber’s honesty.  Well, the “press” tracked Obama down finally on the other side of  the world on Sunday….. what was his response…. ” he was not a part of my administration”.  Then explain the $297,000 the Obama Administration paid Gruber to work on Obama Care. It appears it is more than Gruber who believes “The American public is stupid”. It appears The Liar & Chief Obama feels the same way. Take a look at the evidence…..
Here is my dissection on Sunday of the latest “revelations”…….. “revelations” that I exposed 5 1/2 years ago.
In 2006 , Obama said he “stole his ideas and worked with him”…… yesterday he said ” Gruber did not work with my administration”…… as I said in the segment….. either he is delusional or a pathological liar. Take a look at the article below.

Depopulation: Conspiracy Theory vs Reality


  It has been deemed by The Main Stream Media ( owned by The New World Order Global Elite crowd) any discussion of depopulation programs is NOT to be broached let alone discussed in any depth.  So, what better topic to dissect on Operation Freedom.  That is exactly what occurred this past Sunday.  
Are you familiar with Agenda 21, The Addendum to Agenda 21, National Security Study Memorandum 200, The 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Document Envisioning a PANDEMIC Police State Scenario, Who owns the patent on EBOLA or Prince Phillip’s, Henry Kissinger’s,Ted Turner’s,or The State Department’s comments on Depopulation? If you are interested, and you should be, to understand what these sociopaths are up to and want to put YOU & your through then take a listen . Remember these are the same LYING sociopaths that brought you Obama Care.
Dave Janda
PS….. to ALL of the Obama ZEALOTS who stated 5 years ago I was wrong and misrepresenting Obama Care with my analysis….. looks like I was 110% correct…… Gruber and his BS was outed by myself and several others 5 years ago….. we were told  by the Obama Zealots we were” racists, wrong, unenlightened, intellectual light wights, traitors, terrorists and enemies of the state, just to name a few.  Take a look at this…..

Victory at Last…. Obama Care is Done !


  It is done…. the nightmare  that strips every American of the their health care Freedom, Obama Care, was dealt a death blow today. I mean a DEATH BLOW !  No, it was not related to the election on Tuesday…. it is ALL about The Supreme Court agreeing to immediately review and decide on a case…..King vs Burwell.
 I know…. “why would anyone trust The Supreme Court run by Judas Roberts? ” Because the wording in the document ( The Affordable  Care Act) is unambiguous. ( See article below).  No matter how many visits are made to Roberts in the middle of the night by “dudes in pinstripes with pictures and papers” ….. he will NOT be capable of voting in favor of Obama Care this time around.
In Obama Care, Health Care Exchanges were set up to administer implementation of the plan….. 36 States decided they could not afford to do so and told the Feds to set up the Exchange and pay for it at the Federal level ….. 14 States and D.C. decided to pay for the Exchanges in and by their own State.
So what’s the problem???? The “Law” states that ONLY people in States that set up their own Exchange can get a subsidy to pay for their coverage. PROBLEM…. the Fed gov’t and Obama awarded subsidies to 87 % of people who signed up in EVERY state not just states who set up their own Exchange…… whoops….. I guess it really was important to read the law before it was passed Pelosi….. BECAUSE …. now….. all those people in 36 states will no longer be awarded subsidies.
 Why did the Feds  & Obama try to pull off this scam… after all they wrote the law?  Because by giving the subsidies to everyone including those who were NOT to receive a penny….. more people signed up….. if they didn’t throw the honey and sugar around,  very few people could have afforded to pay for the HUGE increase in insurance fees implemented by Obama Care.  Now you know why the INSURANCE INDUSTRY SCUM  put $200 million dollars into the passage of Obama Care.
End result….. Obama Care is history.  The wording in The Affordable Care Act is clear….. see below. Freedom has and will be restored to every American once Obama Care is gone and a system is put in it’s place that empowers patient’s through a Patient Centered Free Market Approach…..  HSA’s ( Health Savings Accounts).
 Who losses….. the very same entities who put tens of millions of dollars behind the passage of Obama Care…. such as: Insurance Companies, Big Pharma, HMO’s, The AMA and EVERY Fascist who pushed Obama Care down OUR Country’s throat. 
 To quote Martin Luther King : “Free at Last…. Free at Last…. Thank God All Mighty, We are Free at Last!”
Dave Janda


The Manipulation of Financial Markets


  I first became knowledgeable of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts when he was The Assistant Secretary of The Treasury in The Reagan Administration while I was involved in health care cost containment policy.  He has been on my show, Operation Freedom and I stay in touch with him. In a word….. he is brilliant. I suggest you read what he & Dave Kranzler wrote today. I thank Bill Murphy from for publishing this  very IMPORTANT analysis.
American Financial Markets Have No Relationship To Reality
Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler
As we have demonstrated in previous articles, the bullion banks (primarily JP Morgan, HSBC, ScotiaMocatta, Barclays, UBS, and Deutsche Bank), most likely acting as agents for the Federal Reserve, have been systematically forcing down the price of gold since September 2011. Suppression of the gold price protects the US dollar against the extraordinary explosion in the growth of dollars and dollar-denominated debt.
It is possible to suppress the price of gold despite rising demand, because the price is not determined in the physical market in which gold is actually purchased and carried away. Instead, the price of gold is determined in a speculative futures market in which bets are placed on the direction of the gold price. Practically all of the bets made in the futures market are settled in cash, not in gold. Cash settlement of the contracts serves to remove price determination from the physical market.
Cash settlement makes it possible for enormous amounts of uncovered or “naked” futures contracts — paper gold — to be printed and dumped all at once for sale in the futures market at times when trading is thin. By increasing the supply of paper gold, the enormous sales drive down the futures price, and it is the futures price that determines the price at which physical quantities of bullion can be purchased.
The fact that the price of gold is determined in a paper market, in which there is no limit to the supply of paper contracts that can be created, produces the strange result that the demand for physical bullion is at an all time high, outstripping world production, but the price continues to fall! Asian demand is heavy, especially from China, and silver and gold eagles are flying off the shelves of the US Mint in record quantities. Bullion stocks are being depleted; yet the prices of gold and silver fall day after day.
The only way that this makes sense is that the price of bullion is not determined in a real market, but in a rigged paper market in which there is no limit to the ability to print paper gold.
The Chinese, Russians, and Indians are delighted that the corrupt American authorities make it possible for them to purchase ever larger quantities of gold at ever lower prices. The rigged market is perfectly acceptable to purchasers of bullion, just as it is to US authorities who are committed to protecting the dollar from a rising price of gold.
Nevertheless, an honest person would think that the incompatibility of high demand with constrained supply and falling price would arouse the interest of economists, the financial media, financial authorities, and congressional committees.
Where are the class action suits from gold mining companies against the Federal Reserve, its bullion bank agents, and all who are harming the interest of the mining companies by short-selling gold with uncovered contracts? Rigged markets–especially on the basis of inside information–are illegal and highly unethical. The naked short-selling is causing damage to mining interests. Once the price of gold is driven below $1200 per ounce, many mines become uneconomical. They shut down. Miners are unemployed. Shareholders lose money. How can such an obviously rigged and manipulated price be permitted to continue? The answer is that the US political and financial system is engulfed with corruption and criminality. The Federal Reserve’s policy of rigging bond and gold prices and providing liquidity for stock market speculation has damaged the US economy and tens of millions of US citizens in order to protect four mega-banks from their mistakes and crimes. This private use of public policy is unprecedented in history. Those responsible should be arrested and put on trial and they should simultaneously be sued for damages.
US authorities use the Plunge Protection Team, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, currency swaps, Federal Reserve policy, and purchases of S&P futures to support an artificial exchange value of the dollar and to provide the liquidity needed to support stock and bond prices, with the latter so artificially high that savers receive negative real interest rates on their saving.
The authorities have created a financial system totally out of sync with reality. When the authorities can no longer keep the house of cards standing, the collapse will be extreme.
It is a testament to the complicity of economists, the incompetence of financial media, and the corruption of public authorities and private institutions that this house of cards was constructed. The executives of the handful of mega-banks that caused the problem are the people who are running the US Treasury, the New York Fed, and the US financial regulatory agencies. They are using their control over public policy to protect themselves and their institutions from their own reckless behavior. The price for this protection is being paid by the economy and ordinary Americans – and that price is rising.
The latest orchestrated takedown of the gold price is related to two events (see the graphs below). One is that the Federal Reserve decided to boost the upward spike in the dollar’s exchange rate from the Fed’s announcement of the end of Quantitative Easing (QE). The Fed’s announcement of the end of dollar creation in order to support bond prices lessened the rising anxiety in the world about the US dollar’s value when the supply of new dollars continued to increase faster than the US output of goods and services. The Fed reinforced the boost that its announcement gave to the dollar by having its bullion bank agents drive down the gold price with naked short-selling.
Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 12.59.45 PM
Naked short selling was also used to offset the effect on the gold price by the Bank of Japan’s surprise announcement on October 31 of a massive new program of QE. Apparently, the Bank of Japan either has been pressured by Washington to inflate Japan’s currency in order to support the dollar’s value or is applying a policy based on the Keynesian Phillips Curve that 2-3% inflation stimulates economic growth. Japan has been in the economic doldrums for a long time and is now reduced to pre-Reagan “snake oil” prescriptions in a desperate attempt to revive its economy.
Japan’s announcement of infinite money creation should have caused the price of gold to rise. To prevent a rise, at 3:00 AM US Eastern Time, during one of the least active trading periods for gold futures, the electronic futures market (Globex) was hit with a sale of 25 tonnes of uncovered Comex paper gold contracts, which dropped the gold price $20 dollars. No legitimate seller would destroy his own capital by selling a position in this way.
The gold price stabilized and moved higher, but at 8 AM US Eastern Time, and 20 minutes prior to the opening of the New York futures market (Comex), another 38 tonnes of uncovered paper gold futures were sold. The only possible purpose of such a sale is to drive down the price of gold. Again, no legitimate investor would unload a huge amount of his holdings in this way, thereby wiping out his own wealth.
Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 1.01.51 PM
Allegedly, the United States is the home of scientific economics with the predominance of winners of the Nobel Prize in economics. Despite these high qualifications, the price of gold, silver, equities, and bonds that are set in the US bear no relationship to economic reality, and American economists do not notice.
The divergence of markets from economic reality disturbs neither public policymakers nor economists, who promote the interests of the government and its allied interest groups. The result is an economy that is a house of cards.
For additional reading see: http://investmentresearchd

Fear & Chaos…. That’s the Plan


 The New World Order scum have a very brief, yet effective, playbook which is designed to strip YOU and your family of what Freedom & Liberty you have remaining.  It is ALL about creating FEAR & CHAOS and then managing that CHAOS and in the process gain more POWER, CONTROL & MONEY. They in turn use FEAR to paralyze YOU & society…..  and thereby making it easier to accomplish CONTROL.
  Whether it is ISIS and the chopping of heads, the collapse of the Southern border, The Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, The IRS abuse, The NSA abuse, the purchase of 2 BILLION rounds of hollow point bullets, the failing economy, 93 MILLION Americans now displaced from the workforce, 46 MILLION Americans on Food stamps, Obama Care and their latest terror flavor of the month …… EBOLA…… it is ALL meant to instill FEAR & CHAOS.
Take a listen to a segment from Operation Freedom this week….. it spells out the scum’s plan and what WE need to do….. NOW !

President Obola & His “Experienced” EBOLA Czar

If I made this garbage up you would not believe me. President Obola  named his new EBOLA “Czar”. So where did this person go to medical school, internship, residency, or where did they do their Fellowship in Infectious Disease and where did they get their post- fellowship training in EBOLA or hemorrhagic infectious diseases?
Answer:  The new Czar did NONE of the above….. he went to LAW SCHOOL AND HAS NO FUNCTIONAL MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE.. He now joins the head of Homeland Security at the White House in charge of EBOLA who also went to LAW SCHOOL AND HAS NO FUNCTIONAL MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE.
  As I stated yesterday…. this is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE…… they ALL need to be removed from office. Don’t believe me…. take a look…..

EBOLA, The CDC & President Obola


On Operation Freedom, I dissected the current “chaos” which is occurring on the EBOLA front. There is a tremendous amount of information that is NOT being presented by the main ( lame) stream media and a tremendous amount of DIS- information being “reported” that is fueling the “chaos” fire.
After this segment, I expected significant push back from The Powers That Be. Instead, today I received a phone call from a vaccinations sub-specialist former Director of a National  Government Vaccinations Program of a G-7 country.  He was very supportive of my analysis and in fact confirmed, supported, and reinforced the information that was presented in my segment.
If you want the unvarnished analysis take a listen…… it is not pretty.

The CURRENT GENOCIDE in South Africa


  On Operation Freedom yesterday, I had the honor of having a courageous Freedom Fighter from South Africa join me, Brendi Richards. Brendi has put her life on the line by coming forward to the world stage and shedding light on the CURRENT GENOCIDE occurring in South Africa.  This is must listen and then this is a must network to every one of your contacts. 
You will never hear any of this in the main (lame) stream media. The current government must be cut off financially by ALL of us to stop the atrocities that are happening by the hundreds on a daily basis.
Dave Janda