YOUR Freedom, Liberty & Safety


 I have had the opportunity to have Dr. Jim Garrow join me on Operation Freedom a number of times. Jim was nominated for The Noble Peace Prize for his work on saving 40,000 Chinese baby girls from certain death due to the one child per family policy of the Chinese government . 
He is also a 45 year veteran of one of the intelligence agencies of The United States. He was recently “burned” ( outed) by the Obama Administration for his disclosure of the new ” litmus test” regarding the confiscation of fire arms of the American public being implemented in the military.
The interview conducted on Sunday covers ground which will NEVER be revealed in the Main ( Lame) Stream Media. The information is critical for you to know in order to protect your Freedom, Liberty and safety.  Of note, an assassination attempt on Jim’s life occurred 3 days prior to this interview…… The Powers That Be do NOT want this information in your hands.  I hope you will take the time to listen and then  network the interview to every contact in your reach.