This is the most important article you will read in your lifetime…… I kid you not. READ IT AND READ IT NOW…… THEN PASS IT ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND LOVE!!!!
We are at the precipice of World War III …… a war which will kill millions and leave those left on Earth forever in horror.  The difference between 2013 and 1913 and 1944 is the Internet and the ability to stop propaganda in it’s tracks before bombs and cruise missiles start to fly…… that is where we come in.
 The Noble Peace Prize Winner Obama is about to launch an Unconstitutional War on fraudulent and propagandized information in order to protect the petrodollar and divert attention away from the economic implosion occurring at home. After you read the article take a listen to my segment on the War from last Sunday…… it will tell you want you need to know and what the Powers That be do not want you to hear.
Dave Janda