Vote Early & Vote Often !


Today the Janda Family also voted upon the same initiatives voted upon by the Swiss people regarding the safety and security of their financial future.

As opposed to the results in Switzerland, the Janda Family voted to link their financial future by back stopping all transactions with precious metals. The turnout of the vote was overwhelming.

The vote tally:

Yes : 115%

No:  0%

When asked by representatives of CNBS how the “Yes” vote could have tallied 115% in the “Yes ” column. The Commissioner of Elections for The Janda Family stated: ” We used 2 methods to tally the vote : 1) We implemented the standard formula developed in the family’s home town, Chicago….. ” Vote early & Vote often” and  2)  We  implemented the Stalin voting mantra which was utilized earlier in the day in Switzerland… ” It is not who votes that matters….. it is who counts the votes that  matters.”

Update :

Further votes have been received…..

Final Total :

Yes : 120%

No : 0%

When asked by CNBS how the vote totals could have changed . The Commissioner stated: ” We just received the voting block from Woodlawn Cemetery.”

The Rothschild Family issued a statement on the voting today” ” We were pleased that our fear mongering and control of the voting apparatus in Switzerland worked to perfection….. as far as The Janda Family …… what would you expect, they are enemies of The State, they refuse to allow us to use debt to enslave them.”