Victory at Last…. Obama Care is Done !


  It is done…. the nightmare  that strips every American of the their health care Freedom, Obama Care, was dealt a death blow today. I mean a DEATH BLOW !  No, it was not related to the election on Tuesday…. it is ALL about The Supreme Court agreeing to immediately review and decide on a case…..King vs Burwell.
 I know…. “why would anyone trust The Supreme Court run by Judas Roberts? ” Because the wording in the document ( The Affordable  Care Act) is unambiguous. ( See article below).  No matter how many visits are made to Roberts in the middle of the night by “dudes in pinstripes with pictures and papers” ….. he will NOT be capable of voting in favor of Obama Care this time around.
In Obama Care, Health Care Exchanges were set up to administer implementation of the plan….. 36 States decided they could not afford to do so and told the Feds to set up the Exchange and pay for it at the Federal level ….. 14 States and D.C. decided to pay for the Exchanges in and by their own State.
So what’s the problem???? The “Law” states that ONLY people in States that set up their own Exchange can get a subsidy to pay for their coverage. PROBLEM…. the Fed gov’t and Obama awarded subsidies to 87 % of people who signed up in EVERY state not just states who set up their own Exchange…… whoops….. I guess it really was important to read the law before it was passed Pelosi….. BECAUSE …. now….. all those people in 36 states will no longer be awarded subsidies.
 Why did the Feds  & Obama try to pull off this scam… after all they wrote the law?  Because by giving the subsidies to everyone including those who were NOT to receive a penny….. more people signed up….. if they didn’t throw the honey and sugar around,  very few people could have afforded to pay for the HUGE increase in insurance fees implemented by Obama Care.  Now you know why the INSURANCE INDUSTRY SCUM  put $200 million dollars into the passage of Obama Care.
End result….. Obama Care is history.  The wording in The Affordable Care Act is clear….. see below. Freedom has and will be restored to every American once Obama Care is gone and a system is put in it’s place that empowers patient’s through a Patient Centered Free Market Approach…..  HSA’s ( Health Savings Accounts).
 Who losses….. the very same entities who put tens of millions of dollars behind the passage of Obama Care…. such as: Insurance Companies, Big Pharma, HMO’s, The AMA and EVERY Fascist who pushed Obama Care down OUR Country’s throat. 
 To quote Martin Luther King : “Free at Last…. Free at Last…. Thank God All Mighty, We are Free at Last!”
Dave Janda