Trapped in 1972 wearing a tye-dyed shirt on LSD = Obama Care


 Under the title…. ” You Make This S*** Up category”…… first up….. One of the companies responsible for The Obama Care  Website Goat Rodeo ( read willful implosion to usher in a single payer system) has now been given the contract to “fix”  what it did to “break” the system in the first place.  Surprise….. the company is a subsidiary of a LARGE INSURANCE COMPANY ( Shocking!!!!!! ) …… UnitedHealth and an executive of the company is ONE OF THE LARGEST DONORS TO OBAMA….. how about that Hope & Change!!!!
Then how about the most recent ad running in Oregon funded by taxpayers via Obama Care  to get folks to sign up for the Obama Care  health care exchange….. take a look….. but the only folks identifying with this piece of garbage would be those still trapped in the 1970’s wearing tye-dyed shirts and still tripping on LSD.  Take a look ……  
Dave Janda