Told Ya’


  Yesterday on Operation Freedom I identified the lawlessness and unconstitutional acts which occur on a daily basis by Obama and his regime. Today, he did not disappoint….. he did what I predicted he would do months ago….. by decree and a flick of his hand and his pen he delayed the mandatory requirement of Obama Care for businesses with 50-100 employees until 2016 and for larger businesses a gradual implementation over 2015 & 2016.
I guess those PLUMMETING employment statistics ( 91.8 MILLION Americans no longer looking for employment ) finally turned the light bulb on at The White House that their signature piece of legislation ( Obama Care) is causing the masses to get fidgety and fed up.  
Take a listen to yesterday’s segments which address the daily lawlessness emanating from The White House. You will hear none of this in the bought off main stream media.