A great woman, leader, visionary, Freedom Fighter and friend , Linda Hughes, has passed away. Linda was the General Manager of WAAM Talk 1600 as well as the only Woman owner of an independent radio station in the United States. She fought a courageous battle against the ravages of cancer.

She beat cancer years ago only to develop a recurrence of the cancer a number of months ago. She and her devoted husband Terry ( Thayrone X)  threw everything they had at the terrible disease 24-7. Linda was relentless in her determination to give everything she had to defeat the disease a second time while she continued her Freedom Fighting efforts at her beloved WAAM radio station.

Linda was responsible, some would say to blame, for me having a radio show. Eight years ago, Linda walked up to me after a presentation I had given at an event and asked, “Have you ever thought about doing a radio show?”  I told her “yes…. but for me to do a show I have to have full editorial control and no one will agree to that.” She looked at me and said, ” I will…. let’s sit down and I will sign a letter that grants you full editorial control…. no exceptions.” Linda sat down, wrote a letter, signed it….. I signed it…. and Operation Freedom was born. She has been a relentless supporter of my efforts and my show.

Linda was a charismatic, kind, caring, intelligent and gifted warrior who inspired every person she encountered in life. I close every show with the phrase….” Dream Big & Dare To Fail”. Linda lived and implemented that phrase every day of her life and motivated every person she met to do the same.

I miss her so much and so will Our country and world. The Freedom Movement lost an Iconic leader today. Please keep her and her devoted husband, Terry ( ThayroneX) in your thoughts and prayers.

Attached is a photo of Linda and Thayrone when we attended a Chris Janson Concert Event.