The Inhumane core of Obama Care


It is crunch time.  On Friday The House of Representatives voted to defund Obama Care….. many say it won’t matter…… it won’t matter if you sit on dead center and do nothing !  It is time to saddle up and contact your Senators and tell them and their staff….” if you vote to fund Obama Care I will do everything in my power to make sure you will lose your seat in the primary….. you will not have to worry about the general election.” That is ALL these thugs from BOTH parties care about….. themselves….. with a few exceptions they do not care about you, your family, our country let alone The Constitution.  It is time to hold everyone in D.C.’s feet to the fire of Freedom ! 
Below is a YouTube on why Obama Care will strip every American of your health care freedom….. it is the most viewed YouTube on a public policy issue…. it is 6 minutes of the cold hard truth.  It is a YouTube the Obamabots despise and have tried to suppress…… in spite of their efforts it has over 2.9 million hits.  It is as true today as the day it was filmed.  Please view and network to all of your contacts. Education is Empowerment.