Happy New Year ….. now back to reality. Those who have the courage to tell the truth to the American public, as opposed to parroting the LIES of the political elite of both parties and the “main ( lame) stream media”, are relegated to being:  racists, subversives, UN- American, UN-patriotic, conspiracy theorists, dissidents, enemies of the state, terrorists, doom-sayers, Neanderthals and anarchists….. just to name a few of the “nicer” references. 
The cold hard truth of the matter is Our country has been taken over by a criminal international banking syndicate which owns and operates BOTH  political parties, the media and the vast majority of Academia.  The Bushs, Clintons and Obama are ALL owned and operated puppets of The New World Order Banking Syndicate stripping YOU and EVERY American of OUR Freedoms and Liberty. Unfortunately, Obama has taken the country off the rails faster than the Bushs and Clintons combined. 
The segment from this past Sunday’s Operation Freedom lays it ALL on the line….. take a listen….. then step to the plate to take on those INTENT on stripping YOU of your Freedom and Liberty. Time is short.