The Big Short


I just saw The Big Short at the movie theatre. I rarely go to the movies but was informed I needed to see this movie before next week. You must see it and take as many as you can ASAP. My daughter who just completed her Master’s in Public Health went with us. About 1/4 of the way through the movie my daughter said….” Dad this is what you and a number of your guests have been saying on your radio show for the past 5 years…. only… not about mortgages but about the dollar and about gold and silver as a way for people to protect themselves.”
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ! She was 110% correct…. she takes after her Mom. 
The theatre was packed…. all age groups….. when it was done the place was silent….. people just staring at the screen .  Problem is…. as bad as they thought it was in 2008 due to The Banksters it will be that X’s 1000 this time around. As people finally left….. they were pissed…. really pissed and mouthing off. Good!  The people are finally seeing the light…. what they do not get is the light they are seeing is a freight train coming down the tracks. .
Protect yourself and your family as soon as possible.
You might want to listen to this interview I did with Rob Kirby last week before you hit the movie. In the movie when they talk about mortgages… think The Dollar….. and when they talk about going against mortgages ( shorting) …. think gold & silver.