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  1. WTF?! – The Lamestream Media is Melting & Trump Declassification – February 6, 2019

      This edition of the WTF?! Show features Dr. Dave chatting about the ongoing meltdown of the mainstream media.

  2. Operation Freedom Radio Show – February 3 2019

    Operation Freedom - February 3 2019 | Michael Ingmire, Trader Stef, Dr. Jane Hughes, Harley Schlanger, Tracy Beanz, Stevie Richards Operation Freedom Podcast - February 3 2019 PLAY ENTIRE PODCAST PLAY INDIVIDUAL GUEST SEGMENTS MICHAEL INGMIRE | BENGHAZI: THEN AND NOW PLAY SEGMENT TRADER STEF | THE GOLD AND SILVER...

  3. Insider Insight – Gen. Tom McInerney – January 2019

      This edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave chats with Gen. Tom McInerney about the Russian election hacking hoax.  

  4. WTF?! – Border Wall Decision, El Chapo, Backpage & Stone Indictment

      This edition of the WTF?! Show features information on El Chapo, the border wall decision, backpage, as well as the Roger Stone indictment.  


    Special thanks to Michael Cutler How national security, public safety, and Americans’ jobs are on the line. Kindly forward this e-mail to your senators and congressional representatives and to as many folks as you can and then ask that those to whom you send this forward it along to everyone...

  6. Operation Freedom Radio Show – January 27 2019

    Operation Freedom - January 27 2019 | Michael Cutler, Paul Preston, Kevin Annett, Larry Klayman, Dr. Mark Skidmore, Doug and Joe Hagmann Operation Freedom Podcast - January 27 2019 PLAY ENTIRE PODCAST PLAY INDIVIDUAL GUEST SEGMENTSMICHAEL CUTLER | THE BORDER WALL AND PRESIDENT TRUMP'S BORDER SECURITY PLAN PLAY SEGMENT PAUL...

  7. Insider Insight – Kevin Shipp – January 24, 2019

      In this edition of Insider Inside, Dr. Dave chats with former CIA officer about the final revelation of the agency.  

  8. WTF?! -The Wall: What’s It Really All About? – January 23, 2019

      In this edition of the WTF?! show, Dr. Dave delves into the real reason behind the perpetually debated border wall.  

  9. Seriously attacking real money laundering; A simple solution to a complicated problem

    Special thanks to Robert Mazur for this contribution.   Testimony in the ongoing New York federal trial of “El Chapo” Guzman offered a repeat of facts heard in hundreds of similar trials since the prosecution of Al Capone. Despite that blaring reminder, governments, including the one now prosecuting El Chapo, appear to...

  10. Operation Freedom Radio Show – January 20 2019

    Operation Freedom - January 20 2019 | Adrianna Reed, Dr. Robin McCutcheon, Daniel Brigman, David Powell, Dr. Dave Janda, Dr. Michael Rectenwald Operation Freedom Podcast - January 20 2019 PLAY ENTIRE PODCAST PLAY INDIVIDUAL GUEST SEGMENTS ADRIANNA REED | THE ROLE OF PRECIOUS METALS FOR YOUR FINANCIAL INSURANCE PLAY SEGMENT...

  11. Insider Insight – Charles Woods – January 17, 2019

      This epic edition of Insider Insight features Dr. Dave chatting with Charles Woods; the father of Benghazi hero Tyrone Woods. Simply put, this is a must watch interview.

  12. WTF?! – Benghazi, The AG, The Border & Illegal Surveillance by Obama – January 16, 2019

      This edition of the WTF?! show features updates on Benghazi, the AG, the border & illegal surveillence By Obama .