Ruling by Decree…. who needs The Constitution ??


  This is how bad it has become with Obama….. Bill Clinton, the same guy who was impeached for lying under oath,  has told Obama  …, ” You need to keep your word about people being able to keep their insurance even though you knew from the beginning they would lose their insurance due to Obama Care.”  
As I predicted many months ago, Obama and his gang of fascist thugs would work around the Constitution and like a good dictator decree… ” I will let you have your insurance back “….. when the facts about Obama Care would come to the forefront. As predicted,  Obama slithered out of the Oval Office today and declared…. ” you may have your insurance back.”
This guy is supposedly a ” Constitutional scholar” who lectured at The University of Chicago ( another lie according to my contacts back home at The U of C )….. where in the Constitution does it state that The President ( Executive Branch) has the ability by decree to negate  a law passed by Congress ( Legislative Branch)  ? There is ONLY one solution….. Obama Care must be repealed ….. NOW….. before the other parts of this Obama Care bomb detonate and destroy EVERY American.
Just when you think it could not get worse for Obama……. Howard Dean now questions Obama’s ability to ” rule by decree ‘  Take a look…..