Rats fleeing the sinking Federal Reserve ship


 For the past 3 years since the inception of Operation Freedom, I have outlined with the help of a number of financial experts ( Vogt,  Blanchard, Griffen, Krieger, Hoffman, Steer, Murphy, Ferguson, Sprott, Turk, Griffiths, Rogers, Roberts, Rickards, Dubin ) that are country and our economy have been taken over by the international banking syndicate. This syndicate’s tentacle to create a debt slavery end result is the Federal Reserve….. which is an independent group of bankers…. it is NOT a part of the Federal government.
Today, a former Federal reserve official confessed….. it is obvious….. the end is near for the syndicate …. they are trying to position themselves for the “Reset”. In my mind…. too little too late for these scum. They have targeted YOU and every American and ALL of us in harms way.