Special thanks to Harley Schlanger for this contribution!

March 8—A narrative for the deluded now dominates the nation’s media.  The story goes that Democrats in the House of Representatives, flush from their victory last November, are now acting to re-impose the “rule of law” and to put an end to the corruption within the Trump Presidency.

This entirely fictional account bears such little resemblance to the truth, that if the physical laws which governed Pinocchio were to be imposed, most news commentators, reporters, and Democratic Congressmen would now be walking around with noses growing down to the ground.

In reality, an entirely different agenda – and a set of entirely different motives – is at work.  What is at stake, what is central to the current political assault on Trump, is the determination by Donald Trump to pursue a policy of global peace.  This commitment, which Trump already clearly enunciated in his 2016 campaign, is what has brought on Trump the hatred of the British monarchy and their Anglophile allies in the United States.  The British goal to is sabotage all of Trump’s current efforts toward peace, remove him from office, and to reverse all of the actions he has taken to extinguish the axioms of the 2001-2017 war regimes of the Bush/Obama presidencies.

Now, Democratic Party leaders in the U.S. Congress have unleashed a new firestorm of assaults against Trump.  The actions taken so far by Congressional Democrats signal not only their collective determination to go for impeachment;  their actions also are intended to sabotage the current initiatives Trump is taking defuse crisis situations throughout the world.

Many of these Congressional Democrats are now flirting with crossing the line into an open insurrection against the U.S. Constitution.  They are dipping their toes into the pool of outright treason.  Make no mistake.  The current anti-Trump offensive is replete with lies, dishonesty and unlawful actions, all grounded in an intention to return U.S. policy to an aggressive anti-China anti-Russia war stance.  That is the intention.  Any contrary narrative, such as can daily be seen on display in the establishment media, is simply fodder for the uninformed and credulous.


Storm over Asia


Let us look at the current situation within the context of global events during the recent decades.

As presented by Elliot Greenspan at the March 2 Manhattan meeting of LaRouche PAC, to understand what has transpired in the world since September 11, 2001, it is necessary to “go back to 1991, ‘92, and examine the policy proposals of British intelligence, of Chatham House, of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to develop what they called a unipolar world.”

The 1989-1991 dissolution and dismemberment of the Soviet Union created an historic opportunity for initiating a new era of peace and global economic development.  This is precisely what was addressed in the proposals by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche for a European Productive Triangle, and what ultimately became known as as the World Landbridge and New Silk Road perspective. At the same time, however, the British monarchy and their American lap-dogs viewed the Soviet collapse as an opportunity to secure absolute Anglo-American hegemony.  This is precisely what the 1989-1992 actions of Thatcher, Mitterrand and George H.W. Bush were intended to accomplish.

In 1999 Lyndon LaRouche produced the video presentation “Storm Over Asia,” wherein he forecast that, if not stopped, these London-centered provocations against Russia and China would lead to a danger of World War III.  Rather than heeding LaRouche’s warnings, after 9/11 the war drive went into high gear, with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the policy of regime change, NATO expansion, the coup d’etat in the Ukraine, the U.S. withdrawal from the ABM treaty, and similar actions.  George W. Bush and Barack Obama were equally guilty in committing these crimes.

The election of Trump interrupted this war drive, and his subsequent – courageous – actions have put him at the center of a frenzied uprising to stop him.


Democratic Jacobins


With the long‑awaited conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in sight, Democrats in the Congress have begun a series of hearings in at least three House Committees.  They have unleashed a “subpoena storm,” a demand for documents in preparation for what they intend will be the filing of one or more bills of impeachment.  Though they piously intone that they are proceeding based on their commitment to “restoring the rule of law,” to counter what Representative Jerrold Nadler (Dem., New York) called Trump’s “near‑daily attacks” on the rules and norms of “our system,” their actions confess a different agenda, and are themselves a deadly assault on the Constitution.  The goal of these investigations is to destroy the Constitutional power of a duly‑elected President to make policy, particularly foreign policy.  The implications of this may be lost on the casual observer, but it is precisely the “Presidential” system, established at the Constitutional Convention, in 1788 which is under assault.  As Harvard law professor and constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz has concluded, Congressional investigators are going beyond the “legitimate function of Congress,” and they are “going too far” in their use of the “oversight function.”

In particular, the intention of Nadler and his allies is to take away from Trump his right to pursue agreements for cooperation with Russia and China, in a decisive break with the geopolitical dogma which has kept the United States engaged in wars for the last eighteen years.  Among the subpoenas issued by Nadler, who is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is the demand for all public and private communications between Trump and Russian President Putin.  Nadler argues that these may show that Trump “is not acting in the national interest” in his effort to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the U.S. and Russia.

What is driving the Democrats in Congress into a frenzy is their fear that Mueller has not produced any evidence that Donald Trump was “colluding” with Putin.  The anti‑Trump media is filled daily with accounts of those who have been indicted by Mueller, and have pleaded guilty, but none of those alleged crimes relate to the mandate he was given, to find evidence of “meddling” and “collusion.”  Some were prosecuted for actions which occurred long before the election of Trump, and are unrelated to Russiagate, as in the case of his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.  At his sentencing on March 8, the presiding Judge Ellis specified that Manafort was not convicted “for anything to do with Russian colluding in the presidential election.”

Other Mueller-obtained convictions are for so‑called process crimes, such as lying to the FBI, which occurred during the investigation, often having to do with misstatements based on a prosecutorial tactic known as the “perjury trap.”  Again, none of these convictions nor indictments proves collusion or obstruction of justice, the other charge Mueller has been pursuing.

The testimony of Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, which was initially hailed as filled with “bombshells” implicating Trump in multiple crimes, has also been a flop.  When asked by Congressional interrogators if he had any evidence of collusion with Russia by Trump or his campaign, Cohen admitted, “I do not….But I have my suspicions.”   In the U.S. legal system, “suspicion” is not the basis for either indictment or conviction of a crime, particularly when the accuser is clearly biased.  The corrupt U.S. news media, however, has treated Cohen’s malignant fantasies as a smoking gun of Trump’s guilt.


Congress Unleashes Mayhem


Following the Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives in November 2018, Trump challenged the Democrats: ‘You can either choose to tie the country up in endless investigations, or we can cooperate on matters of bipartisan concern, such as infrastructure investments, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, trade deals, border security, etc.’  As it has become clear that leading Democrats have no desire to cooperate, with their launching of the “subpoena storm,” Trump tweeted on March 5, “So the campaign begins,” referring to his intent to make their efforts to sabotage his legislative and strategic agenda a campaign issue.

The destructive agenda of the Democrats was on full display in comments made on Sunday talk shows on March 3.  Nadler told the interviewer on ABC News that his inquiry will cover “alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption and other abuses of power.”  Accusing Trump of evading accountability for his actions, he implied that the hearings will be conducted as show trials to open the door to impeachment.  “Before you impeach someone,” he said, “You have to persuade the American public that it ought to happen.”  He added, showing he has already reached the conclusion that he will go for impeachment, “It’s very clear that the president obstructed justice,” citing the firing of FBI Director Comey, – an action which the President is legally and constitutionally empowered to do – as well as Trump’s allegedly trying to protect Michael Flynn from prosecution, attacking the Mueller investigation, and intimidating witnesses, as examples.

When he was asked, “Why not go for impeachment now?” Nadler responded that despite the accusations he just made, “we don’t have the facts yet.  Impeachment is a long way down the road.”  He then said that, before going for impeachment, it is necessary to persuade Trump voters “that you’re not just trying to steal—to reverse the results of the last election.”   His pause after the word “steal” was an indication that he revealed more than he intended, exposing his true thoughts, that impeachment would amount to stealing the election from Trump and his voters!  The day after this interview, Nadler released his demand for documents from 81 agencies, entities and individuals, including from Trump’s family members, businesses, the White House and the Justice Department.

A second set of hearings is planned by Rep. Adam Schiff, the vehemently anti‑Trump chair of the House Select Intelligence Committee.  In preparation for the hearings, Schiff hired Daniel Goldman, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), to serve as a “senior adviser and director of investigation” for the committee.  Goldman’s specialty at the SDNY was cases involving racketeering, gambling and money laundering, including targeting Russian organized crime.  Schiff, who told CBS News on March 3 that “There is abundant evidence of collusion,” said he intends to pursue that charge, looking into whether Putin was paying off Trump through Russian organized crime figures investing in Trump properties in New York City!   Charges were brought against Cohen by prosecutors of the SDNY, which led to his guilty pleas.

A third committee investigating the Trump administration is the House Oversight Committee, under the chairmanship of Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Both Nadler and Schiff warned they would subpoena Mueller’s report, if the Attorney General does not make it public.  The laws governing the special counsel leave the decision whether to release the report to the Attorney General, to avoid damaging those who were investigated, but were not charged with any crime.


Billionaires for Impeachment


In addition to these hearings, there are now sixteen Democrats running for their party’s nomination in 2020, almost all of whom insist that Trump must be removed from office, the sooner the better.  Further, several billionaires recently have ruled out campaigns, but will make large contributions to either impeach Trump, or defeat him.  One, Michael Bloomberg, spent $100 million to support Democrats in the 2018 midterm election.  In announcing his decision not to run, he said he would “spend freely to build the resistance movement to Trump.”  Tom Steyer, a Silicon Valley mogul, will also unleash torrents of money, to fund a “grass roots campaign to impeach Trump.”  Both Bloomberg and Steyer are fanatic proponents of the fake science theory of “man‑made climate change,” and attack Trump for his rejection of the fraudulent “climate change” policies which are a cover for a drastic depopulation of the planet.

In response to the unleashing of the subpoena storm and their impeachment frenzy, Trump tweeted that the Democrats “have gone stone cold crazy.”  He attacked them for the timing of the Cohen hearings, which occurred as he was engaged in crucial but delicate negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong‑un.  Trump has emphasized that these negotiations have been facilitated by cooperation with him from Russia, China, Japan and South Korea.  His opponents do not want him to succeed in the effort to achieve a long‑term peace agreement with North Korea.

When asked what he thinks of the investigations by Congressional committees, he responded that they represent “a big, fat fishing expedition desperately in search of a crime.”  Further, he added that despite the chaos unleashed by his opponents, he intends to continue to work for the voters who elected him.

Trump has called the current Congressional insurrection “presidential harassment,” and it is precisely in that phrase that the illegal assault on the Constitution’s delegation of Presidential authority to conduct foreign policy must be seen.