ONE Person can Make a HUGE Difference



Thoughts & Prayers are with The Parr family. An American Hero Jerry Parr died on Friday. He is someone you should know about…. why? Because Jerry saved Our country from the globalists for 8 years. How? Jerry was the hero who shoved Reagan into the car when he was attacked 2 months after his inauguration. He inspected Reagan and then re-directed the limo from going to The White House to George Washington Trauma Center…. in so doing he saved Reagan’s life and put the globalist’s plans on hold for 8 years.

EVERY American is indebted to Jerry Parr….. those 8 years could well make the difference in ultimately defeating the globalists from instituting their New World Order. This past Sunday, I dedicated a segment to Jerry and what he blocked by his actions that the Globalists had/have in store for Our country and world. Take a listen below.
 Thank You & God Speed Jerry!