Obama’s SUPER-SIZED Whopper of a Lie


  So now we hear from Obama that he never stated…. ” If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan with Obama Care”….. unfortunately for the Communicator and Chief he lives in 2013 and not 1013.  Everything that spews from his mouth in public is documented either through the print or electronic media.  There are 29 documented video clips of The Liar and Chief stating in NO uncertain terms…. ” You  will be able to keep your health care plan with Obama Care” along with several other clips where he states…. ” Those that tell you any different are trying to scare you”. 
This is what is scary….. his now denial of 3 years of his repetitive blatant public lies is either based on a severe mental illness or based on his belief that NONE of the rules of civility apply to him …. only to the rest of America.  In other words Obama is either mentally ill and no longer in touch with reality or he is a sociopath. This is not name calling….. it is a diagnosis based on his words and behavior which have now been witnessed by every American.
Now we hear from the sycophants in the media and what is left of the Obama Zombies……”every President and politician lies”…… here is my response to a comment sent to me and to those who want to yet again deny the pathology of Obama :

 I agree with you …… ALL of the scum in DC …. LIE…… 24/7 for decades before both of us were born on Planet Earth. The lies you cited were accurate by both sides….. But in reality they both are on the same side……. there is only one party….. The Republicrats owned and operated by the Banksters.

But…. This Obama “whopper” is different ….. As Tip O’Neal said : ” all politics is local” …… There is nothing more “local” than an individual’s health, their family’s health and their day to day family expenses. The Obama whopper : ” you won’t lose your insurance ” will have legs and kick him in the ass like no candy ass Republican could ever do. The difference with this Obama whopper is that it is “local”….  it is a lie every American will  feel the immediate negative impact from  as opposed to the other lies which were seen as “distant” and not having “local” ramifications .

Trust me on this, as a doc on the frontline of health care delivery for the past 30 years, you mess with an American’s health care and what options they have….. They will try to gut you in a nanosecond with the closest sharp object they can find.

Add to that, the fact that the financial impact of the loss of insurance or the mandatory switch to a much more expensive plan on every family will hit hard and fast. It will be a huge immediate hit to every families bottom line. It appears over the next 1 1/2 years ….. 93 MILLION Americans will lose or have to switch their insurance. That number will even grow larger as the months tick on by.

I do not know of a lie by any member of the government  in the past that has had such an immediate and profound negative “local” impact on EVERY American family.