Obama’s Insurance Companies


Over three years ago with the passage of Obama Care, myself and several others outlined how insurance costs would be skyrocketing under Obama Care. It was easy to figure out….. Obama Care adds 159 new very costly Federal agencies with thousands of new administrators, thousands of very costly regulations were added for EVERY hospital and practice ( what is left of them ) to implement and the INSURANCE INDUSTRY put tens of millions of dollars into the passage of Obama Care. Add just these three facts up and it leads to the conclusion that Insurance companies will jack premiums to the moon at the expense of EVERY American.

The fascists that support Obama Care will then tell you….. ” but that is ok because pre-existing conditions are covered.” As I and several others predicted years ago….. last month the pre-existing condition component was removed from Obama Care. Just as the insurance companies and Obama planned and agreed to….. ” you help me pass this and you can jack premiums under the cover of pre-existing coverage and then we will pull that portion out and you can still raise rates.”

It is now official….. Premiums in California under Obama Care are going up over 100 % starting January 1, 2014. ( see the link below)

For those who object to being identified as fascists who support Obama Care….. explain why in Obama Care the IRS is to implement Obama Care with the hiring of 16,000 new IRS agents at a cost to taxpayers of $10 BILLION dollars headed by the same individual (Ingram) who was in charge of harassing and auditing political adversaries of The Obama Administration….. it is the definition of a fascist program.