Obama Knew The Exchanges Would Implode



  Shock!!!  Awe!!!!….. Who could or would have predicted it! Go back and read the e-mail I sent you a couple of weeks ago about how Obama Care was devised by Obama , his owners( criminal international banking syndicate), the insurance,HMO,pharmaceutical industries and the AMA to implode upon placement.
 That’s right….. the goal was to place the device ( Obama Care) and let it destroy the health care delivery system and then have the American Sheeple run to the government and then the Powers That Be would institute a single payer system……. Problem….. due to delays by Freedom Fighters the bomb went off in their filthy fascist hands before it could be placed.
This article outlines how Obama and his gang of thugs knew well in advance that the exchanges would implode….. yet  pushed  and jammed it ahead. It might have been at that point that a few innocents in the corporate world realized that they were in bed with a gang of criminals….. they have now come forward. Let’s be clear….. EVERY CEO and board member of an insurance company, HMO and drug company was in on the plan…… some of the folks at a lower level were not and now they are coming forward…. let’s be grateful for ….. “better late than never”. In my world,  if I deliberately cause harm…. I am sued for malpractice….. in Obama’s and the corporate elite’s world this goes beyond malpractice and incompetence….. it is TREASON ! Read the article….. and pass it on to every contact you have including the Obama bots !
Dave Janda