Obama Care Stay



While The Listener & Chief is taking his $100 million vacation with his significant other Michelle, who today announced that : Being The First Lady is like being a prisoner, ( I kid you not…   .http://washingtonexaminer.com/michelle-obama-being-first-lady-is-like-living-in-a-really-nice-prison/article/2532604 ) it was announced from on high that Obama Care’s employer mandate was delayed until at least January 1, 2015.


Surprise! Surprise!…… only if you don’t listen to my show Operation Freedom is it a surprise.  I predicted this over a year ago on the show.  Is Dave Janda psychic…. psycho maybe but not psychic.  It was obvious months ago, that Obama was getting huge heat to back off the Goat Rodeo known as Obama Care not by Republican ” leaders” ( Worms) but by members of his own party because they realized if Obama Care went into effect prior to the 2014 election in November they would be thrown out of office in 2014.


Even Max Baucus, who pushed Obama Care through The Senate, recently called it ” A train wreck”. When I heard him say those words several months ago, I knew those of us who put a little bug in the ear of dozens of Legislative Directors of Congressmen and Senators with those same words had hit pay dirt ….. it was just a matter of time before today’s announcement occurred. Of course it could only be announced when The Listener & Chief was out of the country and unavailable to answer questions….. after all he is in prison with Michelle…… prison to them being the White House, several hundred personal staff, several chefs, Air Force One, Marine One, The Presidential Limos and that dump Camp David.


Below is the link to the announcement….. now that the employer mandate is delayed the next shoe to drop will be the delay of the individual mandate.  When will that occur….. how about the next time The Listener & Chief is either out of the country again or when he starts a fraudulent war in Syria…. whichever comes first.





This announcement is not a time to celebrate…. it is a time to finish the job on putting Obama Care in solitary confinement for life.