November 22, 1963


November 22nd is the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President 
Kennedy. Many articles will be written and many TV "events" will be highlighted 
over the next week to keep you " in the matrix " and keep you unaware of the 
truth of what really happened in Dallas. 

For many years, I have researched the event which I believe in a nutshell was 
a coup which ushered in the takeover of the government of the United States by 
the New World Order Syndicate. It is an event that has lead to the fascist 
police state that ALL of us are now experiencing. I base this conclusion on 
years of research, the interviews of two courageous patriots and authors, 
knowing the lead investigator of The House Assassinations Committee that 
re-opened The Warren Commission's findings only to conclude that there was more 
than one shooter, interactions with a number of Secret Service Field Agents, 
interactions with family members of some of the very familiar names in the event 
and interactions with some of the medical personnel with first hand knowledge 
of the medical evidence.

This is not "conspiracy theory" it is CONSPIRACY REALITY. I have highlighted 
what happened in Dallas a number of times on Operation Freedom. The two 
interviews you need to listen to are : Colonel Craig Roberts..... The most 
thorough researcher and former military sniper who was called in to duplicate 
the event in Dallas and author of Kill Zone and The Medusa File. His interview 
can be heard here :
 And...... Abraham Bolden author of Echoes From Dealey Plaza and a former 
member of Kennedy's Presidential  Secret Service Detail. His interview can be 
heard here :

 The best print article by Dr. Don Miller can be read here..... It is