NEW YouTube Video Dissection of Obama Care


So the Democrats and Republicans are upset with Senator Cruz for speaking on the Senate floor for the past 22 hours on how Obama Care will negatively impact EVERY American, Our country and Our health care delivery system. Rumor has it John McCain was upset because he could not access his video poker App on his cell phone because the Internet lines were jammed by Americans e-mailing in support of Senator Cruz. The fact that both party leaders and organizations were upset at Senator Cruz for exposing the facts of Obama Care confirms what I have said for years….. ” Both parties are owned and operated by the same criminal banking syndicate and both parties are tentacles of Big Insurance and Big Pharma.” 
To add a little fuel to the Freedom fire….. Matt Clark and I uploaded a video interview on YouTube….. it is to the point and EVERY American needs to know the contents discussed.  Please view the video and network to everyone you know.