New Operation Freedom Web site


I am very happy to report that Operation Freedom and America’s Vital Signs have a newly designed awesome website…… same address….….. but a HUGE upgrade with tons of bells and whistles to make the site more interactive and more content rich.

By going to the site you can now listen to previous shows and segments and listen live EVERY Sunday from 3-5 pm eastern by hitting the link to live stream with WAAM Talk 1600…… the Godzilla radio station of Freedom & Liberty in America. You can also sign up to have the show delivered to your e-mail box every week through i- tunes…. just sign up once and every week it will be delivered pronto. You also can take in the new blog site, monitor updated Twitter feeds, check out the newest video links and check the latest rolling headlines with story links to

The guest section has also been made easier for you to utilize….. just hit the guest’s name and all of their appearances since the inception of Operation Freedom will become available for your listening pleasure.

Please check out the sponsors section. Operation Freedom and America’s Vital Signs would not exist and my voice would be silent without the support of our sponsors. Please visit the web sites of The Camino Company, Cryptohippie, Quick Lane of Canton and The Brooks Kushman Law Firm. Many people and companies talk the talk of Freedom and then RUN THE OTHER WAY….. these companies not only talk the talk but WALK THE WALK OF FREEDOM….. in so doing they help EVERY American and every individual worldwide. Support their efforts by using their services and thank them for their support of Freedom.

The new web site would not exist without the talent and brilliance of Matt Clark and Way Point Arts. I suggest you check out Way Points site and utilize their services…. some of the best money you will ever spend…..

Finally, when you go to and if there is not a blue banner with blog posts and the latest episode with my ugly mug at the top ( a picture from 5 years ago not 25 years ago as some have claimed) then you will need to update your browser ….. it is very simple….. here is the link that will not erase anything on your computer but will update the browser link…..’s-Cache. I hope you enjoy the new site.