Medicaid Expansion & The Mussolini of Michigan lose AGAIN !


  Tonight, with ALL of your help, support and efforts YOU stopped Medicaid Expansion ( Obama Care) in the State of Michigan….. AGAIN !  Freedom Fighters in The State Senate lead by Senator Pat Colbeck stopped GoverNERD  Rick ” Jennifer” Snyder from implementing his Freedom Stripping Agenda…… AGAIN !
America was watching if the Obama loving ” Conservative” Snyder would be able to overrule the previous rejection of Medicaid Expansion ( Obama Care) by The Senate and the citizens of Michigan…. tonight The GoverNERD was stuffed !
 The GoverNERD is NOT a happy NERD tonight…. in fact, from a member of the press present at his” humiliating loss press conference” …. it appears the NERD threw a huge hissy-fit tantrum….. so now it is time for a name change….. no more GoverNERD….. now it is  Gov.TantrumNERD. The nerve of the Senate to listen to the people of Michigan and not the Mussolini of Michigan.