It Just Went HOT !


Obama, The Noble Peace Prize Winner, just bombed Syria.  His only allies were Qutar, UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia ….. ALL who benefit from the purposed pipeline through Syria which is what this is really ALL about.  Earlier today, France and Germany said they would not be a part of any bombing .   Now watch Putin….. he said if this occurred without approval from The UN or the existing government in Syria…. look out. I predict Putin’s next move will be financial warfare. WW3 just went HOT ! 

 Now we know why gold, silver and oil have been slammed the past 3 weeks….. in Prep for this event. They manipulated the commodity bar low so when this hit and prices jumped they would start from a lower take off point. By the way….. China just happened to position military assets in Iran for the first time as of yesterday. Oh yeah…. and just tonight it came out that Russia sold oil in Rubles rather than dollars…… pure coincidence !   
By the way the same ISIS Obama is bombing tonight is the same ISIS that Obama funded, trained at Jordainan bases and weaponized last year.  Another pure coincidence. It is also the same ISIS who has been funded and supported by Qutar, UAE, Saudi Arabia…. yup…. it is ALL about the pipeline!
Hold on !  
PS…. Take a listen to my interview with General Paul Vallely on Operation Freedom yesterday……