History Repeating Itself ?


In light of the recent Scalia death and the aftermath which has lead to a number of pertinent questions regarding The Justice’s death, I thought it might be interesting to provide you with some interesting information regarding a previous event regarding a political figure.

It is information regarding the death of another political figure in 1968.  It is information that was provided at a Parole hearing last week by an individual who also sustained a gun shot wound at the time of the assassination of the political figure. It is NOT surprising you have heard none of this in the main stream media.
Many people over the past few days have closed their minds and have labeled those raising questions as conspiracy theorists regarding the possibility of  a pre-arranged murder of Justice Scalia. These same people in 1968 would have also closed their minds and accepted what they were being told by the media as fact when in truth what they were being “fed” was a fabrication.