Happy Father’s Day To All

    A number of folks on our e-mail list have asked that I resend a note I sent out in the past about Father’s Day.  It is as pertinent today as it was several years ago – the world is in BIG trouble and we are very close to a major upheaval…. Caring can and will go a long way to get us out of this mess.  “Happy Father’s Day…..Happy Caring Day” as Ben Janda would say.
              Warm Regards,
                      Dave Janda
   I just returned from my 2 mile morning run ( disclaimer…..my daughter the cross country and track State qualifier would characterize it as a very slow light jog ). As I ran through the parks and by the several hundred boys and girls playing baseball on the adjacent fields….I caught myself doing what my Dad did 35 years ago as we left church on Father’s Day Sunday. 
  As we left church 35 years ago, he would say…”Happy Father’s Day”….to every man, woman and child we would pass. I did what any 12 year old would do….I started to distance myself from him because it became embarrassing. After about a dozen of these greetings, he stopped and waited for me, put his arm around me and said…” never be embarrassed about caring for someone . The single most important part of being a Father is caring….caring for you, your Mom, our family, our community, our country and our world. Every person we come in contact with….man, woman and child has the ability to care…because we all come from the same Father….so today and everyday is Father’s Day…. it is Caring Day.” 
 Today, every man, woman and child I passed was greeted with ….”Happy Father’s Day”….most smiled…some looked like that 12 year old boy did 35 years ago…but there was one reaction I did not expect…my own…it has been 4 Father’s Days since I have been able to look in my Dad’s eyes and greet him…but today I felt I could see him in each person I greeted….and the last person I greeted yelled back “thanks for caring.”
 Yesterday, I flew to Atlanta and gave a presentation on “The Power and Profit of Prevention” at The National Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Meeting. The people who attended became empowered with our message….a message of Caring for others…a message that leads to the prevention of unnecessary death,disability and economic losses. 
As I flew home, the person sitting next to me asked…”why would you fly to Atlanta in the morning…give one talk….and fly all the way back the same night?” My answer….”because it’s Father’s Day….not just on Sunday but everyday.”
 There are those on this list that have voiced support for my message, my materials and my approach but have acted more like that 12 year boy and have done nothing to help your own family, friends, employees, companies, communities, our country and our world learn of our efforts, message and materials that could benefit them….to those of you that fall in that category….it’s not too late….Everyday is Father’s Day !!!!