Hanging Up The White Coat

Phase 1 of Stepping Aside from Health Care Delivery has been in the books for six months. On July 1st, after walking in and out of The Operating Room for 32 years to help deliver care to patients, I left for the last time as a provider. For the past six months, I have continued  to see new and existing patients and as of 3 pm today Phase 2 went into effect…. Retirement from daily patient care and stepping up my efforts in the debridement and excision of the Cancer known as ObamaCare and bringing Health Care Freedom based on free market reforms utilizing Health Savings Accounts & Prevention based interventions. 
The reasons for me Stepping Aside & Stepping Up in a different realm are outlined in a segment I presented on Operation Freedom several, months ago….. Please take the time to listen. https://www.davejanda.com/2016/05/12/obamacare-the-new-prohibition
What I have missed over the past 6 months on The OR side of practicing medicine are the people…. the people I was given the opportunity to help as patients and the people I was blessed to work with in the OR….. DEDICATED Nurses, Anesthesiologists, Nurse Anesthetists, Techs, staff and fellow surgeons.  Not for one second have I missed the insurance and governmental interference in trying to deliver care to patients.
What I will miss on the clinic side of the equation are again the people….. the patients I have had the opportunity to take care of and the most OUTSTANDING office staff on the planet.  They have been the foundation, for the past 27 years, of me being able to see over 125,000 patients in clinic and doing the tireless legwork of enabling me the opportunity to help over 10,000 patients in the Operating Room. In particular, my right hand incredibly humorous BOSS Cathy Heller and our office and business team leaders Karen Kolman & Donna Dunigan have been Godsends to me.
The next phase begins now….. Operation Freedom has expanded due to popular demand! Operation Freedom is now broadcasting 3 hours every Sunday from 2-5 pm eastern.  In addition, www.davejanda.com is in the process of a “renovation” and in the near future will include a portal to include “YouTube Broadcasts” which I will be hosting 2 additional times a week. in addition to a written blog update 1-2 times a week.
For the past 6 months I have been hosting 1 minute Prevention based educational segments airing multiple times every day which air on WAAM Talk 1600  (www.waamradio.com) on THE MOST IMPORTANT AND ETHICAL MEANS OF CUTTING HEALTH CARE COSTS…. THE POWER OF PREVENTION. Please network this information to all of your friends and family and if you or one of your contacts are interested in sponsoring our efforts and  Freedom based movement please contact me! 
Dream Big & Dare To Fail!