Guest Post: David Haggith: Year of the Epocalypse


I rarely post aGuest Post….. I believe David Haggish’s work is extremely important for you to review and take heed!


Dave Janda


Here is my most comprehensive article about the Epocalypse that is now developing around us. It lays out, quite logically, I think, numerous reasons to believe we are entering a great economic collapse that will become a transitional period for all the nations of this earth. That sounds brazen, I know; but already we are seeing the US stock market crash with exactly the timing that I’ve said would become the United State’s entrance into this global economic collapse that has already begun for some smaller nations. This is a bold set of predictions, but it is everything my blog has been working toward in four years, and this is the first year where I’ve said, “It is now here. It is now materializing all around us.” I am as confident of the larger picture presented in this article as I was that the Fed would raise rates on December 16, 2015, and the stock market would start to drop almost immediately after (even saying, as you real in that particular bet, there would, first, be a brief spike upward, then a turn downward and then a crash over the cliff). Granted, it’s too early to claim that has fully happened, but the balance of hard evidence now points to things going in that direction.

An economic apocalypse upon us. My 2016 economic predictions provide the full explanation as to why 2016 will be the year of the Epocalypse — a word that encompasses the roots “economic, epoch, collapse” and “apocalypse.” I needed a word big enough to describe all that is about to befall the world in 2016. When you see the towering forces that are prevailing against failing global economic architecture and the pit of debt beneath that structure, as laid out here, I think you’ll recognize that the Epocalypse is here, and it is everywhere. The Great Collapse has already begun. What follows are the megatrends that will increasingly gang up in the first part of 2016 to stomp the deeply flawed global economy down into its own hole of debt….

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