Gruber Gate : Vindication of EVERYTHING I outlined 5 years ago

This past Sunday on Operation Freedom I dissected the never ending lies by The Liar & Chief Obama and his ENTIRE Administration regarding Obama Care.  Obama tried to run from the “revelations ” of Gruber’s honesty.  Well, the “press” tracked Obama down finally on the other side of  the world on Sunday….. what was his response…. ” he was not a part of my administration”.  Then explain the $297,000 the Obama Administration paid Gruber to work on Obama Care. It appears it is more than Gruber who believes “The American public is stupid”. It appears The Liar & Chief Obama feels the same way. Take a look at the evidence…..
Here is my dissection on Sunday of the latest “revelations”…….. “revelations” that I exposed 5 1/2 years ago.
In 2006 , Obama said he “stole his ideas and worked with him”…… yesterday he said ” Gruber did not work with my administration”…… as I said in the segment….. either he is delusional or a pathological liar. Take a look at the article below.