Fear & Chaos…. That’s the Plan


 The New World Order scum have a very brief, yet effective, playbook which is designed to strip YOU and your family of what Freedom & Liberty you have remaining.  It is ALL about creating FEAR & CHAOS and then managing that CHAOS and in the process gain more POWER, CONTROL & MONEY. They in turn use FEAR to paralyze YOU & society…..  and thereby making it easier to accomplish CONTROL.
  Whether it is ISIS and the chopping of heads, the collapse of the Southern border, The Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, The IRS abuse, The NSA abuse, the purchase of 2 BILLION rounds of hollow point bullets, the failing economy, 93 MILLION Americans now displaced from the workforce, 46 MILLION Americans on Food stamps, Obama Care and their latest terror flavor of the month …… EBOLA…… it is ALL meant to instill FEAR & CHAOS.
Take a listen to a segment from Operation Freedom this week….. it spells out the scum’s plan and what WE need to do….. NOW !