Defeat of Totalitarian Gov. Rick Snyder by Small Farmers


What Mark Baker and his family have endured by the iron fisted hands of a TOTALITARIAN GoverNerd ( Rick “Jennifer” Snyder ) and his goons at The Dept. of Natural Resources are  prime examples of how the Power Elite despise Our country, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, private property and EVERY citizen.
For several years Mark Baker and every small farmer in the state have been targeted  by BIG Agri-business and The New World Order crowd via their bought and paid for politician du jour,,,,, Rick “Jennifer” Snyder. They use their whores in the political world to advance their agenda, strip law abiding citizens of their property and destroy Freedom and Liberty in their wake for every citizen.
Well that came to a screeching halt recently when Mark Baker and his family had the AUDACITY to take on The GoverNerd, The Department of Natural Resources, The Attorney General and the multi- billion Agri- business machine and lobby.  This is a case lesson in Freedom and Liberty and should serve as inspiration for EVERY American.
EVERY American needs to stand tall as Mark and his family have done over the past several years.  Every single one of us needs to stand for The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Freedom and Liberty….. the sooner we do …. the sooner scum like The GoverNerd and his goons at The DNR will be thrown out of office and will be thrown on the ash heap of history.
Take a listen to my interview with Mark Baker from this week’s Operation Freedom.