Crossroads: Freedom vs Oppression


    Every Sunday for the past 3 years, I have dedicated myself to bring to you information via Operation Freedom which will enhance, protect and  defend your Freedoms and Liberties.  Freedoms and Liberties that those in power are trying to strip from you and your family EVERYDAY.
The video below is important for you to review and then share with every one of your contacts.  In fact, over Thanksgiving you should share this video with every one of your loved ones.  We are coming to a critical point in Our country’s future. We are at a crossroads, it has come down to a future of Freedom and Liberty VS a future of Oppression.  
The power structure which over the past 100 plus years has slowing been stripping EVERY American of their Freedom is now increasing the pace  of the destruction of your Freedom by manipulation of the financial system. The ramifications of their acts will have a profound negative impact on you and your family. 
In order to protect your future you need to watch and then share the information in the video.  As is presented in the video….. money does not equal paper currency.  This is a theme I have hammered for the past 3 years on my show. History has shown over thousands of years that gold and silver are two means of protecting your Freedom when currency systems and economies implode. If you are interested in who can help you protect your Freedom and Liberty I suggest you review those  who support our Freedom and Liberty efforts…..