Cornell Univ. WELCOMES ISIS to campus to Lecture & Set up a training camp


So this is supposedly the best in the country for higher education ….. The All Knowing , All Powerful  Ivy League  Experience?????  Our buddy, James O’Keefe, exposes yet another cluster  – – – – . In this instance,  Jim has a student pose as a student from Morocco and videos a conversation he has with an Assistant Dean at Cornell. It is beyond belief….. well maybe not if you have the same opinion of Ivy League “Institutions” as I do.
In the encounter, the assistant Dean first gives a green light to sending supplies to ISIS ( you remember them…. they are the dudes who love to chop off heads and burn people in cages)….. then the Assistant Dean gives a green light to bringing a terrorist to campus for a lecture and then he speaks about Cornell funding the “lecturer for $4000 – $5000”  and providing a venue  on campus which can hold over 1000 people.  But…. he does not stop there…. when asked if the  terrorist could set up a training camp for ISIS  and Hamas on campus….. the Assistant Dean states   ” Sure, it is no different than bringing in a sports coach.”
You need to watch this….. and then do everything in your power to block anyone you know and love from inhabiting “The Hallowed Ivy League Halls of Omnipotence.”
Dave Janda