Consider Yourself Warned

So today….. ISIS chops off another head, Henry Kissinger writes an article in The Wall Street Journal about The New World Order,  Libya is in flames,The U.S. Embassy in Libya is now being “guarded” by radical Islamists,  Pakistan is in flames ( note their cache of nuclear weapons) ,Egypt is trying to overcome Obama’s disastrous intervention in their country, illegals are continuing to stream across the U.S. southern border, Obama is trying to start a war in The Ukraine, Obama continues to try to start a war in Syria ( 1 year project) , EBOLA continues to spread, Obama Care continues to devolve health care delivery in the U.S., Russia cuts more deals with China, multiple countries are moving away from using the dollar for trade,  Germany appears to now be in The Russia-China camp, drug cartels continue to launder money through the U.S. banking system, 92 million Americans are OUT of the work force, the National debt is over $17 TRILLION , Flight 370 is still “missing” and 11 more commercial airliners are now missing from Libya. 

 My take….. this all adds up to….. the New World Order overwhelming the system and setting up EVERY American for a catastrophic economic and false flag event. Oh yeah…. the scum George Soros is SHORT the U.S. market and loaded his boat with precious metals….. consider this a huge ….. “Heads Up”.
Remember the following……

One of the rules by which the elite aristocrats abide is they consider it rude to not issue a warning before they do something bad to us. They’re like criminals with manners. In other words, it’s gauche to flush the toilet while the serfs are in the shower without giving us a “heads up.” – John Titus, engineer, attorney, intellectual