Christmas & Holiday Greetings

Dear Friends,

I would like to wish You & Your Family a Merry Christmas & a Happy Holiday Season!  I thank you for your efforts this year in networking  Operation Freedom, Our Prevention Message and Our message of  Health Care Freedom For All.  In so doing, we have empowered millions of families and communities worldwide in becoming safer, healthier and more cognizant on how our Freedoms are being slowly stripped away by the global elite.
 In addition to networking Our Prevention based Free Market approach for health care through lectures, presentations, television, Internet, radio and the print media, I continued hosting on WAAM Talk 1600 (  a weekly radio show, Operation Freedom airing Sundays from 3-5pm (Eastern).  The shows can be heard live ( on WAAM’s site) or on pod cast through We have been blessed this year by having the best guests of any show in the country.
     Attached is a very moving tribute to The United States of America… is my Christmas / Holiday gift to you.
 ( )  Our country has it’s warts but it is the only place on Earth that has given each of us limitless opportunities and Freedoms to “Dream Big and Dare To Fail.”  As you are aware, I believe the health care legislation which made it’s way through Congress in 2009 & 2010 and then jammed down every American’s throat is a direct assault on every Americans’ health care freedom. I will continue to educate the masses on how every American can achieve health care freedom through prevention, wellness and individual empowerment.
The above audio presentation is based on what many of us have forgotten or never learned.  My Mom, who was a history teacher, taught me….”when it comes to history….dig deep….then you will unearth the meaning of what has happened and why it happened.” I hope you enjoy the audio clip. It will change how you sing and listen to Our National Anthem. It might even change how you view what has been occurring in Washington of late.
   This coming year…..142,000 Americans will lose their lives to Preventable injuries….that’s right 389 people every day of this coming year will leave their house in the morning and not come home. In addition, this coming year…..62 Million Americans will sustain a debilitating injury…..that’s right 170,000 people every day of this coming year will sustain a Preventable life altering event. For worldwide statistics…..multiply the above by a factor of 20.  We have made great strides this past year, but we have a long way to go! Corporate America and Corporate World are just “Awakening” to the Power and Profit of Our messages.
   There are those that do not want our Empowering and Positive messages to be discovered and implemented by the public.  Why? As all of you know, I am not a diplomat……I won’t mince words….they oppose our efforts because they have one common denominator…..they put money, control of the masses and their own power before the health and welfare of the public….that’s right, with them, it is always and only about the money, control and their own power. Does the name Scrooge come to mind?
   What has driven me over the years in bringing Health and Wellness information to the masses world wide has been my family, friends and those of you that have supported my efforts on the Prevention front. Through my writings, commentaries and weekly radio show, I have attempted to inform, educate and motivate each of you and the public to NOT accept the status quo in heath care  or on any front and integrate Prevention & Wellness initiatives.


  My second gift to you this Christmas Season is a prayer .  It is a prayer I say every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up.  It is the same prayer Ronald Reagan gave every morning in The Oval Office.  I Believe our messages at The Institute and my radio show are embodied in this prayer….after all, what we really do at The Institute and with the radio show is give people their Health…..and if they have their Health ….then they can Hope….and if they have Hope….they can accomplish anything and everything in Life….it is a message of Love.
                  Lord…..Make me an instrument of Your peace
                  Where there is doubt, let me sow Faith
                  Where there is despair, let me sow Hope
                  Where there is darkness, let me sow Light       
   My goal for the New Year will be to continue our crusade to help millions of families and businesses around the world become safer, healthier and enhance their Freedoms.  I look forward to working with you over the next year to bring Our Prevention and Freedom Messages to even more families, communities, and businesses in our country and across the world.
 Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays……Faith, Hope and Light !!!