Operation Freedom and are growing and expanding our Freedom based platform.  In addition to our Sunday Show, Operation Freedom, which is broadcast Live from WAAM Talk 1600’s Freedom Bunker from 2-5 PM Eastern, we have developed a You Tube Channel which broadcasts Our Freedom based message as well.  The foundation of Our platform is The site has recently been upgraded for a more user friendly interaction.
As of December 15th we are expanding and our programming!  Operation Freedom will continue to be available via the terrestrial airwaves and via Live Streaming at  every Sunday from 2-5 PM Eastern.
Starting December 15th we are launching a NEW Premium Service! 
The Premium Service will include:  
*** Premium Member Only 24/7 Access to the Podcasts from every Sunday Operation Freedom Show.
*** Premium Members will have Exclusive Access via our archives to EVERY Operation Freedom Show since October of 2010.
*** Membership will also include Exclusive Access to a NEW “Insider Insight Show” hosted by Dr. Dave Janda every week. Each “Insider Insight Show” will include an opening analysis of Geo-Political Events followed by an interview of a Featured Guest.
*** Premium Members will have Exclusive Access to our “Department of Advanced Research Show” hosted by Nick Ruiz. This monthly show will utilize Nick’s extensive experience and expertise in the World of Technology.
*** Premium Members will also have access to a new Three Part series of Feature Presentations on health care and health care policy, Information the Fake Media will NEVER touch.
*** Premium Members will also have access to a “Contributing Editor Briefing”, once a month, by a featured expert on such topics as technology, Cyber-Security, Finance, Economics, Financial Markets, Immigration Issues, Geo-Politics, Health Care, Climate Change and many more featured topics.
*** Premium Members will have access to A State of the Art Tech Support & Customer Service Team 
****** The monthly cost is less than my favorite deal: a COSTCO pizza or less than two Starbucks Grande Pumpkin Spice Lattes ! The Premium Service is The Biggest Information Bang For The Buck on the Internet!
I hope you will join our Freedom Fighter Team as a Premium Member ! Please click on the link to subscribe WHICH WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SIGNING UP DECEMBER 8TH FOR A START DATE OF DECEMBER 15TH!!!
Warm Regards,
Dave Janda

The “Silver Lining” of The Hurricane Disasters: It’s You!


On yesterday’s Operation Freedom Show I featured a segment on the hurricane disasters impacting Our country. Out of all the destruction …. the “silver lining” that came shining out of the destructive cloud formations was You!  Take a listen! It is all about Americans helping Americans!


Onward & Upward


On August 11th I informed Caravan To Midnight (CTM) management that my last show on the CTM platform would be on August 31, 2017.  As to why I will be leaving the CTM platform……
 Unfortunately, some endeavors that all of us enter down life’s road do not succeed on all fronts. When I became a content provider to The Caravan To Midnight platform my goal was to add to the great work that John B Wells had created and produced in providing outstanding content to The Caravan.
 I believe the four shows I substitute hosted for John B and the subsequent twenty shows than I hosted were an enormous success.  I believe my guests and I provided outstanding content and information that will never see the light of day in the Lame Stream Fake Media. It was on that most important aspect we succeeded. However, for a content provider to succeed and continue other aspects must be in place, including subscriber acceptance and support.
Add to the mix issues outside of the “workplace.” It has been said  “Life is short…. too short” and ” The most important aspect in your life is your health of you and your family.” Recently my family has had several significant unexpected health issues arise. When that occurs energy needs to be re-directed to loved ones. It was my determination that in redirecting the energy to my loved ones it would be impossible to uphold the high level of content driven shows that I strive to produce for The Caravan.
There is a tremendous amount of time and effort that goes into a show in production. The people who helped me in getting it done are fantastic people. I will always be grateful to Ghost, Jim Williams and Olas. I will also be grateful to John B Wells and Brendi for allowing me an opportunity to get to know The Caravan To Midnight Family.
Thank you for listening.  I wish you the best and you can always catch my Sunday radio show Operation Freedom via In addition to the podcasts on the  site there are archives of every show dating back to October 2010, my America’s Vital Signs segments and my Power of Prevention segments for you to enjoy and benefit from.
Dream Big & Dare To Fail!
Warm Regards,
Dave Janda

Hanging Up The White Coat

Phase 1 of Stepping Aside from Health Care Delivery has been in the books for six months. On July 1st, after walking in and out of The Operating Room for 32 years to help deliver care to patients, I left for the last time as a provider. For the past six months, I have continued  to see new and existing patients and as of 3 pm today Phase 2 went into effect…. Retirement from daily patient care and stepping up my efforts in the debridement and excision of the Cancer known as ObamaCare and bringing Health Care Freedom based on free market reforms utilizing Health Savings Accounts & Prevention based interventions. 
The reasons for me Stepping Aside & Stepping Up in a different realm are outlined in a segment I presented on Operation Freedom several, months ago….. Please take the time to listen.
What I have missed over the past 6 months on The OR side of practicing medicine are the people…. the people I was given the opportunity to help as patients and the people I was blessed to work with in the OR….. DEDICATED Nurses, Anesthesiologists, Nurse Anesthetists, Techs, staff and fellow surgeons.  Not for one second have I missed the insurance and governmental interference in trying to deliver care to patients.
What I will miss on the clinic side of the equation are again the people….. the patients I have had the opportunity to take care of and the most OUTSTANDING office staff on the planet.  They have been the foundation, for the past 27 years, of me being able to see over 125,000 patients in clinic and doing the tireless legwork of enabling me the opportunity to help over 10,000 patients in the Operating Room. In particular, my right hand incredibly humorous BOSS Cathy Heller and our office and business team leaders Karen Kolman & Donna Dunigan have been Godsends to me.
The next phase begins now….. Operation Freedom has expanded due to popular demand! Operation Freedom is now broadcasting 3 hours every Sunday from 2-5 pm eastern.  In addition, is in the process of a “renovation” and in the near future will include a portal to include “YouTube Broadcasts” which I will be hosting 2 additional times a week. in addition to a written blog update 1-2 times a week.
For the past 6 months I have been hosting 1 minute Prevention based educational segments airing multiple times every day which air on WAAM Talk 1600  ( on THE MOST IMPORTANT AND ETHICAL MEANS OF CUTTING HEALTH CARE COSTS…. THE POWER OF PREVENTION. Please network this information to all of your friends and family and if you or one of your contacts are interested in sponsoring our efforts and  Freedom based movement please contact me! 
Dream Big & Dare To Fail!

A New Morning in America


I would like to thank you for everything that each and every one of you did to save OUR country from the Globalist’s final nail in the coffin…. Hillary. Each and every one of you have played a vital role in the beginning of the end of the Globalists 27 year modern day rule of lawlessness, destruction and corruption.
 I believe Our show, Operation Freedom, made a difference in the final results. Every week via the radio waves and via The Internet we touch several million people in America and several million more around the world.  Your involvement, networking and support of the show played a critical role in the final outcome last night. Every sponsor, every guest and every listener had “skin in the game'” last night and in the process we have initiated the Globalists demise.
Now comes the hard part, the resuscitation of a country that has been ravaged by the criminal international New World Order bankster syndicate. I believe the defibrillator to shock OUR country back to a life of Freedom and Liberty will be dependent upon each and every one of us. We must step up and enlighten our friends, family, neighbors and fellow citizens on the facts of what has happened, is happening and what can happen to free every American of the shackles of the globalists.
Last night was the first step, a big step, but now we each need to educate EVERY American with facts NOT the propaganda spewed from the Lame Stream Media. As my Mom the history teacher taught me…. “If we forget and ignore the past we are doomed to repeat history”.  The globalists will be held accountable and WE will move Onward and Upward. It is A NEW AND IMPROVED MORNING IN AMERICA!
Warm Regards,

ObamaCare : The New Prohibition


This past Sunday on Operation Freedom I dissected Obama Care and likened it’s Freedom stripping agenda to Prohibition almost 100 years ago. Both ObamaCare and Prohibition are and were based on a government controlled by a criminal syndicate and it’s over reach in attempting to CONTROL every American’s life. Please take the time to take a listen.


Trading a Scalpel for a Pitch Fork


On a recent Operation Freedom Show, I presented a segment on my leaving the clinical practice of medicine.  In the segment I bring to the forefront ideas and motivational words from Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, H.L. Menkin, Henry Ford and Samuel Adams.
If you ever listen to a podcast from Operation Freedom…. this is the one :
Dream Big & Dare to Fail!

History Repeating Itself ?


In light of the recent Scalia death and the aftermath which has lead to a number of pertinent questions regarding The Justice’s death, I thought it might be interesting to provide you with some interesting information regarding a previous event regarding a political figure.

It is information regarding the death of another political figure in 1968.  It is information that was provided at a Parole hearing last week by an individual who also sustained a gun shot wound at the time of the assassination of the political figure. It is NOT surprising you have heard none of this in the main stream media.
Many people over the past few days have closed their minds and have labeled those raising questions as conspiracy theorists regarding the possibility of  a pre-arranged murder of Justice Scalia. These same people in 1968 would have also closed their minds and accepted what they were being told by the media as fact when in truth what they were being “fed” was a fabrication. 

The Big Short


I just saw The Big Short at the movie theatre. I rarely go to the movies but was informed I needed to see this movie before next week. You must see it and take as many as you can ASAP. My daughter who just completed her Master’s in Public Health went with us. About 1/4 of the way through the movie my daughter said….” Dad this is what you and a number of your guests have been saying on your radio show for the past 5 years…. only… not about mortgages but about the dollar and about gold and silver as a way for people to protect themselves.”
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ! She was 110% correct…. she takes after her Mom. 
The theatre was packed…. all age groups….. when it was done the place was silent….. people just staring at the screen .  Problem is…. as bad as they thought it was in 2008 due to The Banksters it will be that X’s 1000 this time around. As people finally left….. they were pissed…. really pissed and mouthing off. Good!  The people are finally seeing the light…. what they do not get is the light they are seeing is a freight train coming down the tracks. .
Protect yourself and your family as soon as possible.
You might want to listen to this interview I did with Rob Kirby last week before you hit the movie. In the movie when they talk about mortgages… think The Dollar….. and when they talk about going against mortgages ( shorting) …. think gold & silver.

Guest Post: David Haggith: Year of the Epocalypse


I rarely post aGuest Post….. I believe David Haggish’s work is extremely important for you to review and take heed!


Dave Janda


Here is my most comprehensive article about the Epocalypse that is now developing around us. It lays out, quite logically, I think, numerous reasons to believe we are entering a great economic collapse that will become a transitional period for all the nations of this earth. That sounds brazen, I know; but already we are seeing the US stock market crash with exactly the timing that I’ve said would become the United State’s entrance into this global economic collapse that has already begun for some smaller nations. This is a bold set of predictions, but it is everything my blog has been working toward in four years, and this is the first year where I’ve said, “It is now here. It is now materializing all around us.” I am as confident of the larger picture presented in this article as I was that the Fed would raise rates on December 16, 2015, and the stock market would start to drop almost immediately after (even saying, as you real in that particular bet, there would, first, be a brief spike upward, then a turn downward and then a crash over the cliff). Granted, it’s too early to claim that has fully happened, but the balance of hard evidence now points to things going in that direction.

An economic apocalypse upon us. My 2016 economic predictions provide the full explanation as to why 2016 will be the year of the Epocalypse — a word that encompasses the roots “economic, epoch, collapse” and “apocalypse.” I needed a word big enough to describe all that is about to befall the world in 2016. When you see the towering forces that are prevailing against failing global economic architecture and the pit of debt beneath that structure, as laid out here, I think you’ll recognize that the Epocalypse is here, and it is everywhere. The Great Collapse has already begun. What follows are the megatrends that will increasingly gang up in the first part of 2016 to stomp the deeply flawed global economy down into its own hole of debt….

I hope you’ll share the article as you have some past articles.

Christmas & Holiday Greetings

Dear Friends,

I would like to wish You & Your Family a Merry Christmas & a Happy Holiday Season!  I thank you for your efforts this year in networking  Operation Freedom, Our Prevention Message and Our message of  Health Care Freedom For All.  In so doing, we have empowered millions of families and communities worldwide in becoming safer, healthier and more cognizant on how our Freedoms are being slowly stripped away by the global elite.
 In addition to networking Our Prevention based Free Market approach for health care through lectures, presentations, television, Internet, radio and the print media, I continued hosting on WAAM Talk 1600 (  a weekly radio show, Operation Freedom airing Sundays from 3-5pm (Eastern).  The shows can be heard live ( on WAAM’s site) or on pod cast through We have been blessed this year by having the best guests of any show in the country.
     Attached is a very moving tribute to The United States of America… is my Christmas / Holiday gift to you.
 ( )  Our country has it’s warts but it is the only place on Earth that has given each of us limitless opportunities and Freedoms to “Dream Big and Dare To Fail.”  As you are aware, I believe the health care legislation which made it’s way through Congress in 2009 & 2010 and then jammed down every American’s throat is a direct assault on every Americans’ health care freedom. I will continue to educate the masses on how every American can achieve health care freedom through prevention, wellness and individual empowerment.
The above audio presentation is based on what many of us have forgotten or never learned.  My Mom, who was a history teacher, taught me….”when it comes to history….dig deep….then you will unearth the meaning of what has happened and why it happened.” I hope you enjoy the audio clip. It will change how you sing and listen to Our National Anthem. It might even change how you view what has been occurring in Washington of late.
   This coming year…..142,000 Americans will lose their lives to Preventable injuries….that’s right 389 people every day of this coming year will leave their house in the morning and not come home. In addition, this coming year…..62 Million Americans will sustain a debilitating injury…..that’s right 170,000 people every day of this coming year will sustain a Preventable life altering event. For worldwide statistics…..multiply the above by a factor of 20.  We have made great strides this past year, but we have a long way to go! Corporate America and Corporate World are just “Awakening” to the Power and Profit of Our messages.
   There are those that do not want our Empowering and Positive messages to be discovered and implemented by the public.  Why? As all of you know, I am not a diplomat……I won’t mince words….they oppose our efforts because they have one common denominator…..they put money, control of the masses and their own power before the health and welfare of the public….that’s right, with them, it is always and only about the money, control and their own power. Does the name Scrooge come to mind?
   What has driven me over the years in bringing Health and Wellness information to the masses world wide has been my family, friends and those of you that have supported my efforts on the Prevention front. Through my writings, commentaries and weekly radio show, I have attempted to inform, educate and motivate each of you and the public to NOT accept the status quo in heath care  or on any front and integrate Prevention & Wellness initiatives.


  My second gift to you this Christmas Season is a prayer .  It is a prayer I say every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up.  It is the same prayer Ronald Reagan gave every morning in The Oval Office.  I Believe our messages at The Institute and my radio show are embodied in this prayer….after all, what we really do at The Institute and with the radio show is give people their Health…..and if they have their Health ….then they can Hope….and if they have Hope….they can accomplish anything and everything in Life….it is a message of Love.
                  Lord…..Make me an instrument of Your peace
                  Where there is doubt, let me sow Faith
                  Where there is despair, let me sow Hope
                  Where there is darkness, let me sow Light       
   My goal for the New Year will be to continue our crusade to help millions of families and businesses around the world become safer, healthier and enhance their Freedoms.  I look forward to working with you over the next year to bring Our Prevention and Freedom Messages to even more families, communities, and businesses in our country and across the world.
 Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays……Faith, Hope and Light !!! 

Guest Post: David Haggith: “Epocalypse Soon: The Great Economic Collapse is Happening.”


David Haggith has posted an excellent analysis:  “Epocalypse Soon: The Great Economic Collapse is Happening.” It can be found at .

Dave Janda


By Enola Gay Tail Gunner S/Sgt. George R. (Bob) Caron (SElephant at zh.wikipedia) [Public domain], from Wikimedia CommonsIt was the second nuclear explosion, not the first, that ended World War II; and so it will be with the nuclear-sized economic disaster that first struck the earth in 2008. The second strike will be more calamitous and have greater consequence than the first, and that nuclear bomb is about to go off with a relatively […]