Independence Day Message

        Our country has it’s warts but it is the only place on Earth that has given each of us limitless opportunities and Freedoms to “Dream Big and Dare To Fail” in spite of both parties efforts to stifle Freedom and Liberty.  As you are aware, I believe the health care legislation which made it’s way through Congress in 2009 & 2010 ( Obama Care) is a direct assault on every Americans’ health care Freedom.
       I also believe BOTH parties have done everything in their power to strip EVERY American of their Freedoms and Liberty by their support of the National Defense Authorization Act ( NDAA — which allows the government to indefinitely detain, interrogate and imprison any American without a trial or legal representation) , the incessant surveillance of ALL of our e-mails, phone calls and Internet use by The NSA, the harassment by The IRS, the implementation of U.N. action Agenda 21 to strip EVERY American of our property rights, the unending and costly wars both parties support, the economic program overseen by The Federal Reserve and Treasury Department to strip EVERY American of our economic and financial Freedom by the use of debt and their activist role in stripping Americans of their Second Amendment Rights.
     In the end, I believe FREEDOM & LIBERTY will win the war and the fascists from both parties will be defeated…. but it will take YOU to join the battle to defeat the oppressors of Freedom.
       The attachment is an audio presentation of what many of us have forgotten or never learned.  My Mom, who was a history teacher, taught me….”when it comes to history….dig deep….then you will unearth the meaning of what has happened and why it happened.” I hope you enjoy it. It will change how you sing and listen to Our National Anthem. It might even change how you view what has been occurring in Washington of late.
      It is time to stand up for Freedom….. as George Washington said, ” I will die on my feet before I will live on my knees.”

What Really Happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963


  On Sunday’s Operation Freedom, I had the pleasure and honor to have Colonel Craig Roberts join me.  He is an author, publisher, investigative journalist, former decorated Tulsa Police Officer, former military sniper and decorated military officer. 
Craig has utilized all of his above training, skills  and contacts within and outside of the government in his decades long investigation into what happened on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.  You will never hear these findings in the main ( lame) stream media.

Whistleblower of The Criminal Banksters

  I had the opportunity to have Karen Hudes join me on Operation Freedom.  She is a Freedom Fighter to the nth degree. She was the Senior Council of New World Order’s World Bank.  She has courageously stepped forward as a whistleblower on the corruption of the banking syndicate and it’s goal to destroy the worldwide population. Must listen:  

Medicaid Expansion & The Mussolini of Michigan lose AGAIN !


  Tonight, with ALL of your help, support and efforts YOU stopped Medicaid Expansion ( Obama Care) in the State of Michigan….. AGAIN !  Freedom Fighters in The State Senate lead by Senator Pat Colbeck stopped GoverNERD  Rick ” Jennifer” Snyder from implementing his Freedom Stripping Agenda…… AGAIN !
America was watching if the Obama loving ” Conservative” Snyder would be able to overrule the previous rejection of Medicaid Expansion ( Obama Care) by The Senate and the citizens of Michigan…. tonight The GoverNERD was stuffed !
 The GoverNERD is NOT a happy NERD tonight…. in fact, from a member of the press present at his” humiliating loss press conference” …. it appears the NERD threw a huge hissy-fit tantrum….. so now it is time for a name change….. no more GoverNERD….. now it is  Gov.TantrumNERD. The nerve of the Senate to listen to the people of Michigan and not the Mussolini of Michigan. 

Medicaid Expansion….Just Say NO !


  On Operation Freedom this past Sunday, I dissected the issue of Medicaid Expansion. You will never hear any of the information I presented in the main ( lame ) stream press.   Are you aware Americans on Medicaid have poorer health outcomes and higher death rates than Americans with NO insurance.  
Take a listen

Happy Father’s Day To All

    A number of folks on our e-mail list have asked that I resend a note I sent out in the past about Father’s Day.  It is as pertinent today as it was several years ago – the world is in BIG trouble and we are very close to a major upheaval…. Caring can and will go a long way to get us out of this mess.  “Happy Father’s Day…..Happy Caring Day” as Ben Janda would say.
              Warm Regards,
                      Dave Janda
   I just returned from my 2 mile morning run ( disclaimer… daughter the cross country and track State qualifier would characterize it as a very slow light jog ). As I ran through the parks and by the several hundred boys and girls playing baseball on the adjacent fields….I caught myself doing what my Dad did 35 years ago as we left church on Father’s Day Sunday. 
  As we left church 35 years ago, he would say…”Happy Father’s Day”….to every man, woman and child we would pass. I did what any 12 year old would do….I started to distance myself from him because it became embarrassing. After about a dozen of these greetings, he stopped and waited for me, put his arm around me and said…” never be embarrassed about caring for someone . The single most important part of being a Father is caring….caring for you, your Mom, our family, our community, our country and our world. Every person we come in contact with….man, woman and child has the ability to care…because we all come from the same Father….so today and everyday is Father’s Day…. it is Caring Day.” 
 Today, every man, woman and child I passed was greeted with ….”Happy Father’s Day”….most smiled…some looked like that 12 year old boy did 35 years ago…but there was one reaction I did not expect…my own…it has been 4 Father’s Days since I have been able to look in my Dad’s eyes and greet him…but today I felt I could see him in each person I greeted….and the last person I greeted yelled back “thanks for caring.”
 Yesterday, I flew to Atlanta and gave a presentation on “The Power and Profit of Prevention” at The National Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Meeting. The people who attended became empowered with our message….a message of Caring for others…a message that leads to the prevention of unnecessary death,disability and economic losses. 
As I flew home, the person sitting next to me asked…”why would you fly to Atlanta in the morning…give one talk….and fly all the way back the same night?” My answer….”because it’s Father’s Day….not just on Sunday but everyday.”
 There are those on this list that have voiced support for my message, my materials and my approach but have acted more like that 12 year boy and have done nothing to help your own family, friends, employees, companies, communities, our country and our world learn of our efforts, message and materials that could benefit them….to those of you that fall in that category….it’s not too late….Everyday is Father’s Day !!!!

The Silent Monologue

I have had the opportunity to get to know Glenn Beck.  He is the most humble person I have had the opportunity to meet of those ” in the fishbowl.” He delivered an incredibly powerful monologue today….. a silent monologue. Take a look….. my thoughts and prayers are with him




What would your last words be?



War & Sgt. Schultz of Today & Yesterday

  On Sunday’s Operation Freedom, I dissected the current situation of both parties in Washington and geo-politically around the world. I even brought back a childhood favorite to the narrative….. Sgt. Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes …. ” I hear Nothing, I see Nothing”. Take a listen….

Obama’s Insurance Companies


Over three years ago with the passage of Obama Care, myself and several others outlined how insurance costs would be skyrocketing under Obama Care. It was easy to figure out….. Obama Care adds 159 new very costly Federal agencies with thousands of new administrators, thousands of very costly regulations were added for EVERY hospital and practice ( what is left of them ) to implement and the INSURANCE INDUSTRY put tens of millions of dollars into the passage of Obama Care. Add just these three facts up and it leads to the conclusion that Insurance companies will jack premiums to the moon at the expense of EVERY American.

The fascists that support Obama Care will then tell you….. ” but that is ok because pre-existing conditions are covered.” As I and several others predicted years ago….. last month the pre-existing condition component was removed from Obama Care. Just as the insurance companies and Obama planned and agreed to….. ” you help me pass this and you can jack premiums under the cover of pre-existing coverage and then we will pull that portion out and you can still raise rates.”

It is now official….. Premiums in California under Obama Care are going up over 100 % starting January 1, 2014. ( see the link below)

For those who object to being identified as fascists who support Obama Care….. explain why in Obama Care the IRS is to implement Obama Care with the hiring of 16,000 new IRS agents at a cost to taxpayers of $10 BILLION dollars headed by the same individual (Ingram) who was in charge of harassing and auditing political adversaries of The Obama Administration….. it is the definition of a fascist program.


New Operation Freedom Web site


I am very happy to report that Operation Freedom and America’s Vital Signs have a newly designed awesome website…… same address….….. but a HUGE upgrade with tons of bells and whistles to make the site more interactive and more content rich.

By going to the site you can now listen to previous shows and segments and listen live EVERY Sunday from 3-5 pm eastern by hitting the link to live stream with WAAM Talk 1600…… the Godzilla radio station of Freedom & Liberty in America. You can also sign up to have the show delivered to your e-mail box every week through i- tunes…. just sign up once and every week it will be delivered pronto. You also can take in the new blog site, monitor updated Twitter feeds, check out the newest video links and check the latest rolling headlines with story links to

The guest section has also been made easier for you to utilize….. just hit the guest’s name and all of their appearances since the inception of Operation Freedom will become available for your listening pleasure.

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Benghazi, Boston, & Barack


This past Sunday I encapsulated what has been occurring with the stripping of Our Freedoms and Liberty in the recent and distant past. When I opened my show, Operation Freedom, in October 2010 I stated….. ” The day Ronald Reagan left office in January 1989, Our country forever changed because EVERY person occupying The Oval Office since then has been owned and operated by the same criminal international banking and multi-national corporate syndicate.” I stand by the statement to this day and believe ALL that we are seeing and experiencing is attributable to that observation.

Whether it is The Benghazi Massacre and cover up, The Boston Marathon Massacre and the government’s reaction, Marshal Law in Boston, The IRS Inquisition, the Federal probing of The Associated Press, Obama Care, NDAA, CISPA, dozens of Freedom stripping Executive Orders, the purchase of 1.4 BILLION rounds of hollow point bullets by the Federal Government, etc….. It all adds up to ONE and only ONE end result….. THE STRIPPING OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY FROM EVERY AMERICAN.

You can ignore this fact no longer…… if you so choose to ignore this fact you will become a casualty of the very syndicate who put the last four people in The Oval Office. Attached is the segment from Operation Freedom that addresses these issues…… Janda on Benghazi, Boston, and Barack

Dave Janda