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  1. Benghazi, Boston, & Barack

    Friends, This past Sunday I encapsulated what has been occurring with the stripping of Our Freedoms and Liberty in the recent and distant past. When I opened my show, Operation Freedom, in October 2010 I stated..... " The day Ronald Reagan left office in January 1989, Our country forever changed...

  2. Beck: the best speech I have EVER heard

    Friends, I have had the opportunity to hear many gifted and motivational speakers in my life. In fact, over the years I have utilized those experiences in honing my skills as a public speaker. I have had the opportunity to speak throughout North America, Europe and Australia and am humbled...

  3. Going viral… again

    Friends, I had the opportunity to have Kevin Annett on Operation Freedom last week.... the interview has gained significant attention..... this is information you will NEVER hear in the main ( lame) stream media. Take a listen here. Dave Janda