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Dr. Janda brings you guests that the mainstream media either ignores or is afraid to bring to light.

  1. Janda on Wilkow @ The Blaze TV

    Friends, I had the opportunity to join Andrew Wilkow on his show on The Blaze TV last night. It focusses on the government intrusion on your Health Care Freedom.  Below is a portion of the interview: http:// . Dave

  2. War & Sgt. Schultz of Today & Yesterday

    Friends,   On Sunday's Operation Freedom, I dissected the current situation of both parties in Washington and geo-politically around the world. I even brought back a childhood favorite to the narrative..... Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes .... " I hear Nothing, I see Nothing". Take a listen.... Dave

  3. Obama’s Insurance Companies

    Friends, Over three years ago with the passage of Obama Care, myself and several others outlined how insurance costs would be skyrocketing under Obama Care. It was easy to figure out..... Obama Care adds 159 new very costly Federal agencies with thousands of new administrators, thousands of very costly regulations...

  4. New Operation Freedom Web site

    Friends, I am very happy to report that Operation Freedom and America's Vital Signs have a newly designed awesome website...... same address.... but a HUGE upgrade with tons of bells and whistles to make the site more interactive and more content rich. By going to the site you can...

  5. Benghazi, Boston, & Barack

    Friends, This past Sunday I encapsulated what has been occurring with the stripping of Our Freedoms and Liberty in the recent and distant past. When I opened my show, Operation Freedom, in October 2010 I stated..... " The day Ronald Reagan left office in January 1989, Our country forever changed...

  6. Beck: the best speech I have EVER heard

    Friends, I have had the opportunity to hear many gifted and motivational speakers in my life. In fact, over the years I have utilized those experiences in honing my skills as a public speaker. I have had the opportunity to speak throughout North America, Europe and Australia and am humbled...

  7. Going viral… again

    Friends, I had the opportunity to have Kevin Annett on Operation Freedom last week.... the interview has gained significant attention..... this is information you will NEVER hear in the main ( lame) stream media. Take a listen here. Dave Janda