Mark December 16th, 2013 as the day the Global Elite, Criminal International Banking Syndicate New World Order fascists LOST control of The United States of AMERICA that they have attempted to destroy for decades. Each and EVERY American’s Freedom was defended and restored by two very courageous and fierce Freedom Fighters…..  Charles Strange and Larry Klayman.  What??? You did NOT hear this reported other than a brief and superficial mention in the ” Main Stream Media”. Of course you didn’t….. do you honestly believe the bought and paid for media of The New World Order fascists would announce their own DEFEAT? 
On December 16th a very brave and Freedom loving Federal Judge, U.S. District Judge Leon,  stepped to the plate and pummeled  the New World Order fascists, Obama, The “Justice Department” and their snoop agency…. The NSA. I have had the fortunate opportunity to have both Charlie and Larry as guests on Operation Freedom. If you want an education about FREEDOM…… listen to their interviews at….. go to the guest section and their interviews are there for you to listen to. In fact, over the holidays share and play the interviews for your family members…… it is the best present you will ever give. The inspiration of FREEDOM !
When you listen to both of these Freedom Fighters….. ask yourself….. would I have the courage to do what they are doing to HELP  EVERY AMERICAN ?  It is a question that I predict you will be having to ask yourself wether you like it or not in the very near future.  You need to decide….. as George Washington said….. ” You need to decide if you are going to live and die or your feet or live on your knees in servitude.”
Thank you Charlie and Larry ! As many of you know , Charlie’s son Michael was a member of Seal Team 6…… his Memorial Fund is ….. I can’t think a better way to celebrate this victory for Freedom than a donation to a great organization.  
Dave Janda