Benghazi, Boston, & Barack


This past Sunday I encapsulated what has been occurring with the stripping of Our Freedoms and Liberty in the recent and distant past. When I opened my show, Operation Freedom, in October 2010 I stated….. ” The day Ronald Reagan left office in January 1989, Our country forever changed because EVERY person occupying The Oval Office since then has been owned and operated by the same criminal international banking and multi-national corporate syndicate.” I stand by the statement to this day and believe ALL that we are seeing and experiencing is attributable to that observation.

Whether it is The Benghazi Massacre and cover up, The Boston Marathon Massacre and the government’s reaction, Marshal Law in Boston, The IRS Inquisition, the Federal probing of The Associated Press, Obama Care, NDAA, CISPA, dozens of Freedom stripping Executive Orders, the purchase of 1.4 BILLION rounds of hollow point bullets by the Federal Government, etc….. It all adds up to ONE and only ONE end result….. THE STRIPPING OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY FROM EVERY AMERICAN.

You can ignore this fact no longer…… if you so choose to ignore this fact you will become a casualty of the very syndicate who put the last four people in The Oval Office. Attached is the segment from Operation Freedom that addresses these issues…… Janda on Benghazi, Boston, and Barack

Dave Janda