Beck: the best speech I have EVER heard

I have had the opportunity to hear many gifted and motivational speakers in my life. In fact, over the years I have utilized those experiences in honing my skills as a public speaker. I have had the opportunity to speak throughout North America, Europe and Australia and am humbled when I am approached by members of the audience that my presentation motivated them and will positively affect their lives for years to come.

Four years ago, I was contacted by Glenn Beck to join him on his TV show and discuss health care Freedom….. he is the ONLY person in the media who is interested in Freedom as opposed to the remainder of the owned and operated global elite media who only care about deception and stripping you of your Freedoms. I have had the opportunity to get to know Glenn Beck. He is the most honest, humble, courageous and modest person I have been exposed to in the public arena. He is also the most articulate.

This weekend Glenn Beck gave the keynote address to The NRA convention….. it was the most outstanding speech I have ever heard…. bar none. Below is a link to a story on the presentation….. there is a 12 minute clip imbedded in the story….. but at the bottom of the story is a link to the entire presentation. I know you are busy and you do not have time to breathe….. but….. you need to make time to hear this incredible history lesson which is devoted to Freedom, Liberty and Your Future.

It is a presentation that will positively affect my life for years to come. Take a listen:

Dave Janda